List of 40 Narrative Essay Topic Ideas – 2023

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As an argumentative essay helps students to develop critical thinking about the given topic, narrative essays help students to deliver ideas and thoughts about a given event and teach them to deliver their content artistically.

Narrative essays, as the name suggests, are the narrations of an event from the writer’s perspective. It can be written in first-, second-, and third-person pronouns, and the writer has flexibility in penning it down accordingly, as it gives them the freedom of using the tone and writing style they want. Narrative essays are one of the many types of essays taught during the academic years of the student. It is an important piece of writing that serves as a foundation for training the students to convey their creativity to the target audience. Different essays have different purposes. As an argumentative essay helps students to develop critical thinking of the given topic, narrative essays help students to deliver ideas and thoughts about a given event and teach them to deliver their content artistically.


Narrative essays highlight specific stories from the author's viewpoint. Not all memories in one’s life are worth mentioning, nor are worth remembering. Therefore, students should target those events which allow them to learn or gain a new perspective. This highlights their essay from the reader’s viewpoint as they get insight into the author’s life allowing them to see events from a different angle. Students are encouraged to narrate those events which highlight the struggling phase of their life, and the strategies they implement to overcome the hardships. Such narrative essays are favored and well-liked by the audience due to the new perspective they introduce to the readers. You need to get assistance from a writer ai for interesting topics.


Narrative essays are considered a strong medium for relaying information of the present from one generation to another. Today, abundant knowledge of the past is present due to the writings written by kings, queens, aristocrats, theologists, philosophers, poets, bureaucrats, presidents, and other well-known figures. They narrated the positive and negative events of their era from which people learned and applied in the present to progress in time. Therefore, narrative essays are considered a rich source of knowledge. Students can get help from an ai essay writer for more topics.


Narrative essays have a coherent structure, and mainly contain three parts: Introduction, Middle and End. Each part focuses on setting the tone of narration as narrative essays define the story in an escalating manner. The introduction part involves the background of the event along with all the important characters, plot synopsis, settings and description. It is followed by the rising action of the essay where actions relevant to events start brewing up. The climax of the story should be written amazingly, delivering the reader with the best possible impression of the narration as it is the defining spectrum of the essay. It is followed by the conclusion part where all the sub-events are described that resulted in the final result and imparted the author with a lesson.


Narrative essays usually take time for their completion as an essay writer is prone to brainstorming all the relevant ideas before penning them down. Many students delay the task of writing narrative essays on time and usually find themselves in hot water near the deadline of the assigned task. Students with good writing abilities tend to complete their essays in less time; other students, on the contrary, lag behind.


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Narrative essays may offer freedom of choice to the student; however, sometimes it gets frustrating for the writer to decide on what topic they should write on. Following is the list of some of the narrative topics that may help the writer to select from:


My first day at school.


The day when I wrote my first essay.


My first school friend.


My first lecture as a teacher.


The time when I was selected as a class representative.


My first school fight/conflict.


My first international trip.


My first experience on an airplane.


My first experience on the train.


A big storm.


The first novel I read.


A dangerous experience.


My first love/heartbreak and how it changed me.


Losing a close friend/relationship.


When I overcome the fear of something.


My first birthday.


My first visit to the national parade.


How I lost/gained faith.


The day when I realized there is more to life than money.


My first traumatic experience and how I overcame it.


Strategies I implement for fighting my laziness.


How I discipline myself.


My first day at the office.


The day when I earned my first dollar.


The day when I experienced my first heartbreak.


My first mobile phone.


The day when I started to learn driving.


The first funeral which I witnessed.


How I think my superpowers (if I had any) would benefit anyone.


The impact of movies and novels on my life.


How history played a role in shaping up my perception of the present.


How religion helped me to gain insight into reality.


My first national school championship.


How someone changed your opinion about friendship.


The first present I received from someone.


How did travelling change my perception of people for the better?


My first accident.


How I overcame depression.


My first certificate/accomplishment.


My first encounter with the federal officers.