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Robinhood was created on the basis of a simple concept: its financial markets should be available to everyone. It's been a struggle in a field where barriers have been prevalent for far too long.

In this post we will explain how you can obtain login. Robinhood login on com is a commission-free Stock Trading and Investing service offered by Robinhood. Robinhood login is simple for everyone in all ages.


How do you log into Robinhood on a brand new device?

Have you got a new tablet or phone? We'll help you understand how to set everything up to ensure you're ready to go.

For you to figure out how to connect or sign into your Robinhood account for a new device you'll need to follow these steps. It depends on whether you used Two-Factor authentication (2FA) permitted on your previous device should you still own your old device, and if you have your backup Code. Select the dropdowns below and find out more.


Backup Codes are a different way to keep your account safe.

When you enable Two-Factor Authentication for your account, you'll be requested to save a "Backup Coding."

Two-Factor Authentication pairs better than you are aware (your password) and you're likely to have (in this instance, typically an Authentication App or code sent via SMS). If you do not have access to your authentication App or are unable to retrieve the SMS code, previously you're able to utilize the Backup Code instead of the authentication App or code by SMS.


How do you regenerate the Backup Code?

If you have an old device:

  • Launch your Robinhood application and then sign in or log in using the username you used and your password.
  • Click on"Account" (person) icon at the lower right corner.
  • Make sure you hit the three bars at the top right of the screen.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Two-Factor authentication.
  • Hit Regenerate Backup Code.

Keep your backup Code wherever you're able to locate it. We suggest that you save it on the cloud, or recording it in a safe location.


New device:

It will ask you to enter the Two-Factor Authentication number. Click Use Backup Code on the bottom of the screen.

  • Launch your Robinhood app and log in or sign in using an account username, password and username.
  • Enter Your Backup Code.

To ensure that your account is secure, we suggest enabling Two-Factor as fast when you gain the access you need to log into your account. Two-Factor authentication provides an additional protection for your account.

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