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Robinhood is an American-based, zero-fee discount broker. Currently included cash management services and a reappearing investment feature to attract new customers. Even though it provides a fixed range of offerings, you can trade stocks, options, ETFs, and Cryptocurrency. However, you can

If you receive an error message saying “Unable to log in Robinhood using the credentials provided” It means either your password or email address are wrong.

It is first recommended to confirm that there isn't a typographic error in how the email addresses you have entered. Verify that you've typed in an appropriate password on the account you have created with Robinhood account. If you have forgotten your password, refer to this article:


How do I get my account back?

Some employers utilize login-free links to fill out application forms, and maybe you've completed the Robinhood test by clicking the invitation link without being logged into your Robinhood account. This implies that you might not have created a security password on your account. If you received an invitation that is not login-based, few minutes after clicking the link, you will have received a fresh email. Click the link within the email to set the password for your account. Once you have set a password, you'll be able to login successfully.

If you've already completed the test and would like to view your results, you'll require an account using your email address in this. Log in your Robinhood account by clicking here.

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