Hongdou JianghuHongdou JianghuHongdou JianghuHongdou JianghuHongdou JianghuHongdou Jianghu

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Hongdou JianghuHongdou JianghuHongdou JianghuHongdou Jianghu

He shook his head and stood up blankly. "Strange," he said. "Why am I here?" Recalling the previous situation, he remembered that when he was drinking in the temple, Jinsha Shuangwan and cold-faced Yanluo Gu yuanliang appeared one after another. Gu yuanliang was really ruthless. After killing Jinsha Shuangwan, he forced the one-eyed ghost mother to do it. He was so indignant that he was waiting to defuse them. For some reason, he suddenly lost consciousness. According to this situation, the one-eyed ghost mother must have been defeated by the cold-faced Yan Luo. Zhu Fengjuan took herself away from the ruined temple for fear of being hurt. But where is Zhu Fengjuan now? Although Gao Xiang had no feelings about the one-eyed ghost mother Luo Tianxiang, he thought of their master and disciples' desire to live. Besides, the ghost mother loved her son so much that she became mad. Zhu Fengjuan waited on her mother-in-law with tears in her eyes. Her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law traveled thousands of miles to find their beloved husband. This sentiment always won people's sympathy. So he raised his voice and shouted, "Sister, sister, where are you?" "Wait a minute." There was a rapid and frightened echo in the woods, followed by a light sound of branches and leaves. Gao Xiang was overjoyed and ran to the woods. First of all, when he saw that the donkey, the kite bag, and the parcel were all there, he felt even more gratified. He thought, "Sister Zhu is really a careful person. She got away in a hurry. Remember to take out my important things with me. Before she returns, I should change my wet clothes first." With this in mind, he reached out and took the parcel, and as soon as he jumped, he swept into a piece of hidden grass. After he had recovered his strength, he was still in the air and had not yet touched the ground. His left hand had already waved out a wisp of strong wind and brushed away the grass. But as soon as his strength was released,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, he heard a sharp exclamation from the grass: "Ah!" Gao Xiang was taken aback, and his handsome face suddenly felt hot. He hurriedly mentioned the True Qi and turned upside down in the air. He stopped falling abruptly and fell five feet away. At the same time, he hurriedly turned his back. Just listen to the grass Jiao panting way: "Please wait … …" Don't come here, I.. I'm changing my clothes. Gao Xiang blushed and said, "I'm sorry, I.." I want to change my clothes, too. "Wait a minute," he said hurriedly in the grass. "I'm almost ready." There was a sound, and not long after,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, at the tip of the grass, Ah yuan hurriedly tied her belt, and her face turned pink. She bowed her head and walked out. She shyly called out, "Childe, you can go and change your clothes." As soon as Gao Xiang turned around, he lost his voice and said, "Ah, is that you?" yuan smiled shyly and said, "Can't you imagine?" Gao Xiang handed his hand and said, "I haven't yet thanked you for curing your hunger and wounds. But what on earth is going on?" yuan returned the favor and said, "It's a long story. Please change your wet clothes first. Let's talk about it in detail." Gao Xiang nodded, full of doubts, got into the grass and quickly changed a set of dry clothes. When she came out again, Ah yuan had already used a piece of oilcloth to pull up the awning between the four big trees. He walked over nervously. Their eyes were congenial, and unexpectedly they both blushed. Gao Xiang arched his hand again and said, "Miss Gu, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Sex Enhancement Powder, please forgive me for rushing in just now." yuan smiled and said, "I'm sorry. My surname is not Gu." Gao Xiang was surprised and said, "Isn't your ancestor the elder of the cold-faced Yan Luogu, a famous player in Wulin?" "Grandpa is my parents' teacher," said Ah yuan. "My surname is Yang, and my name is Huiyuan." "So, your father is." "Dad's single name is Gan, and he is called.." "Ah, Yang Gan, the golden knife." Gao Xiang blurted out the four words "Jin Dao Yang Gan". He suddenly remembered a man and a woman he met in the wilderness that day. It was because one of the coats he was wearing belonged to Jin Dao Yang Gan that caused him to dismount and interrogate him, thus provoking his anger and causing his injury to recur. However, he was open-minded by nature, and since there had been a misunderstanding, his original resentment had disappeared. With a slight smile, he stepped forward under the awning and sat down facing Ah yuan, saying, "Your father has a powerful hand. He deserves to be a master in the martial arts world." yuan opened her big eyes and asked, "Do you know my father?" Gao Xiang said with a smile, "I met him once, but I didn't know it was your father at that time." As soon as the topic changed, he asked in reply, "How did the girl come here?" yuan smiled and said, "If I say it, you will be unhappy.". ” "Then why?" Gao Xiang exclaimed. "Because," said Ah yuan, "I dressed up as Grandpa and scared the eldest sister away." Gao Xiang was even more surprised. "What on earth is going on?" He asked? Girl, please say it clearly. As a result, a yuan saw that Gao Xiang was lured to the ruined temple by the witch Zhu Fengjuan, and deliberately murdered him. She had no choice but to use the black jade token to invite out the Jinsha Double Disabled, to play a fake play, and to frighten away Zhu Fengjuan's master and disciples. She explained it in detail. Before it was over, Ah yuan lowered her pink cheeks and said faintly, "Grandpa wants me to follow you in secret. I'm not allowed to meet you. But Zhu Fengjuan and the old woman who pretended to be the one-eyed ghost mother are both highly skilled in martial arts, and their minds are even more treacherous. I've been thinking about it for a long time. If you don't expose the truth face to face now, maybe you'll meet two bitches in front of you, and then you'll inevitably fall into their trap again." When Gao Xiang heard this, he still refused to believe it. "How do you know they're not the real one-eyed ghost mothers?" He asked. "I wasn't sure if it was true or not," said Ah yuan, "but I once heard Grandpa say that the one-eyed ghost mother's martial arts were passed down from generation to generation. She only taught her descendants and did not accept foreign disciples. Zhu Fengjuan thought she was a ghost mother's disciple, which aroused my suspicion. However, at that time did not have the exact assurance, only then thought of the Jinsha double disabled hand to try, who knows as expected is the fake. Gao Xiang said thoughtfully, "But how could they make up the story in such detail?" yuan said with a smile, "It's because you've never walked in Jianghu. Luo Xiping, the only son of the ghost mother, escaped from the Southern Wilderness twenty years ago. He once set off a storm in the Central Plains. Later, it was your father, Jiutian Yunlong, who was angry and hurt him in Jiuyi Mountain. He disappeared from the scene." Gao Xiang exclaimed, "Twenty years ago, Luo Xiping was only eighteen years old. He was able to make waves in the martial arts world of the Central Plains. The ghost mother must have been very good at martial arts. She didn't come to the Central Plains to avenge her son." yuan said with a smile,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, "The one-eyed ghost mother thinks highly of herself. Her promise is as good as gold. She swore to my grandfather that she would come unless my grandfather died.." At this point, only to find that the words are ominous, hurriedly stretched out his tongue and swallowed the following words. pioneer-biotech.com