Emperor tyrant

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Speaking of this, Chi Xiaodao can not help worrying, after all, today's Lion Roaring Gate is weak, far from being the

Speaking of this, Chi Xiaodao can not help worrying, after all, today's Lion Roaring Gate is weak, far from being the opponent of such a giant as Nu Xian Shengguo. Li Qiye smiled and understood the reason. He said, "All the elders of the Lion Roaring Gate are practicing penance in seclusion. They are heavily guarded. Is it because they are guarding against outsiders to rob the supreme immortal body, or is it because of other reasons?" "I'm afraid it's all there." Chi Xiaodao gave a wry smile and said, "At the same time, I'm also afraid that the Holy Kingdom of Nu Xian will come, so I'll be on guard.". Ever since the Nu Xian Holy Kingdom came to propose marriage, my father has ordered vigilance, and my father himself has not dared to leave the Lion Roaring Kingdom, and has been guarding the Imperial City in order to avoid civil strife. Li Qiye touched his chin and said, "When will your grandfather leave the customs? I'd like to see him." He also has a treasure box given by the Baxian Lion King in his hand, which is passed on to his descendants. The old ancestor of the Lion Roaring Gate, the Lion Roaring Emperor, is also the grandfather of Chi Xiaodao, who is the descendant of the Baxian Lion King. This is hard to say, I do not know, the father said, if Grandpa can succeed, it is possible in three or five years, if not successful, I am afraid it is far away. Chi Xiaodao said. Hearing such words, Li Qiye was silent for a while. His fate with the Lion Roaring Gate was not shallow. The ancestor of the Chi family was his general, and he had a cause and effect with the Overlord Lion King! "Brother Li." Then Chi Xiaodao looked up at Li Qiye,Stainless Steel Toilet China, scratched his head and said jokingly, "What do you think of my sister?" He had the intention of bringing his sister and Li Qiye together. In fact, he also felt that Li Qiye was completely worthy of his sister. For such words as Chi Xiaodao, Li Qiye could not help laughing and said nothing. I understand. Chi Xiaodao gave a wry smile. Even such a peerless figure as Bing Yuxia, Li Qiye said that he could only be his maid. Although his sister was the princess of the Lion Roaring Kingdom, although she was a golden branch and jade leaf, compared with Bing Yuxia, no matter her identity, beauty or talent,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, she was far inferior. In Li Qiye's eyes, even Bing Yuxia could only be his maid, not to mention his sister. "Brother Li must go to this lecture." As soon as Chi Xiaodao was in high spirits, he changed the subject and said, "The person who lectured this time is amazing. Maybe he can get into Brother Li's eyes." Li Qiye smiled and said, "What's wrong?" "The person who lectured this time is the Plum Fairy of Changhe Sect, the greatest genius in Dongbai City today, and the first person in Dongbai City." Chi Xiaodao hurriedly said to Li Qiye, mentioning the plum fairy, he could not help being Zhuangrong. In fact, in Dongbaicheng, no matter who, once mentioned the plum fairy can not help but be moved. Changhe Zong. Li Qiye squinted and murmured. "Yes," said Chi Xiaodao solemnly, "the Changhe Sect is the largest sect in the East Baicheng. The Plum Fairy is the descendant of the Changhe Sect, and is also the person who has entered the world in this generation. Changhe sect, in the east hundred city, no matter who, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,push button toilet flush valve, once mentioned the name, can not help but admire it, it is the whole imperial world, no matter any monk, mention Changhe sect, is thunderous. Changhe Zong, one door, three emperors! It is one of the most ancient heritages in the world of human emperors. Looking at the whole world of human emperors, there are very few people who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Changhe Sect. The only one who can really stand shoulder to shoulder with the Changhe Sect is the legendary Qizhu Mountain in Nanchidi. One door three emperors, this is how terrible existence, in the big domain, Qingxuan ancient country such a double emperor inheritance has become the most powerful inheritance in the big domain. Changhe Zong, one door, three emperors, unfathomable, built in the ancient wilderness era, from the wilderness era to the pioneer era, then to the ancient Ming era, and then to the era of emperors, until now, Changhe Zong can be said to be one of the oldest inheritance of the imperial world, running through the long history. Changhe Zong can still stand through the ages, there is no sign of decline, which can imagine how powerful Changhe Zong is, how terrible. It's kind of interesting. Li Qiye couldn't help smiling. Changhe Zong, in that distant era, there was something that people remembered. Chi Xiaodao said, "Mei Fairy is a descendant of the Changhe Sect. She has been in the world of mortals for a long time. She has lectured for many talented people. Over the years, many talented people have followed her.". This time, when the Plum Fairy was traveling, she passed by our Lion Roaring Gate. My father sold a lot of kindness to invite her to lecture in the Imperial City. "After hearing the news, I don't say that the lion roars at the handsome man in the country, that is, many young handsome men from the surrounding countries have come to listen to the plum fairy's lecture.". This time, my father is not convenient to come forward, so let my sister come forward to host. Chi Xiaodao said. Li Qiye smiled, glanced at Chi Xiaodao and said, "Is your father looking for a man for your sister, or is he taking the opportunity to climb the Changhe Sect?" "Well," said Chi Xiaodao with a dry smile, "or both. This time, it can be said that the lion roaring country and even the surrounding countries of many great religions came to listen to the scriptures. My father hoped that my sister could find the right person. If my sister was really married, Nu Xian Shengguo would have nothing to say. Li Qiye smiled and said nothing more. He could only say that the emperor of the Lion Roaring Gate was well-intentioned. My sister presided over the meeting, and I was just a helper. Chi Xiaodao hurriedly said, "Why don't you help my sister, Brother Li?"? I believe Brother Li can handle everything. Although Chi Xiaodao also understood that his sister had no chance, he could not bring Li Qiye and his sister together, but he spared no effort to create opportunities for his sister. I'll just watch. Li Qiye smiled and said, "Your brother and sister can handle such a small matter." How could he not know what Chi Xiaodao was thinking. Chi Xiaodao no longer said anything, get along with Li Qiye, he also understood that the opportunity is to rely on their own to seize, his sister is indeed missed a good opportunity, did not get the favor of Li Qiye. Plum Fairy went to the Imperial City of the Lion Roaring Kingdom to give a lecture. As soon as the news spread, it could be said that it caused a sensation in the whole Lion Roaring Kingdom, and even in the whole East Hundred Cities. For a while, there was a lot of discussion. Hearing the news,Manual Flush Valve, countless monks came, especially the younger generation of monks, who were so excited that they all wanted to see the supreme elegance of the fairies. cnkexin.com