Supernova epoch

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Wei Ming operated one of the three missiles, and in his adult training, his grades in this subject were always the best

Wei Ming operated one of the three missiles, and in his adult training, his grades in this subject were always the best, which was related to his love of playing with the small camera at home. The operation of this kind of missile is to keep the cross wire on the guidance device covering the target all the time, and in this process, the guidance device will automatically guide the missile to the target. A cloud of dust appeared on the horizon, and Wei Ming saw a large area of enemy tanks through his telescope. Today, the Chinese children are competing in this event with an infantry regiment. Most of these tanks will attack other targets of the infantry regiment. Only three of them, the M1A2, are directed at the platoon's position. Wei Ming quickly identified the three tanks from the scheduled route. At this time, they were far away. They looked very small and could not see how fierce they were. Wei Ming dropped his binoculars, bent over the guide and began to aim at the one in the middle, so that the cross wire firmly covered the black block that appeared and disappeared in the dust. When he was sure that it had entered the range of three kilometers, he pressed the launch button, and the missile next to it flew out with a sound, dragging a slender wire behind it. Then there were two more sounds,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and two other missiles flew out. Just then, there was a flash of fire at the front of the three m1a2, as if they were blinking. Two or three seconds later, the shells landed on their right and rear sides. After a few loud bangs, clods and stones rained down from the sky, and then more shells were fired. At the sound of the explosion, Wei Ming involuntarily held his head,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, but soon came to his senses and put his eyes on the scope of the guide, but there was only a wavering horizon inside. When he finally found the target again and locked it with a cross wire, he saw a column of dust rising from the right side of the tank, and he knew that the missile had missed. Looking up from the scope, Wei Ming saw two more dust columns, behind the three tanks, and all the missiles were empty! The three M1A2s were still coming towards them, and they were no longer firing, apparently knowing that the position was no longer a threat to them. By this time, the match had actually become a tank-infantry match in the light weapons group, but the platoon was facing not one but three main battle tanks. Prepare anti-tank grenades! Wei Ming shouted, jujube seed powder ,pumpkin seed extract, taking one himself and lying in the bunker staring at the enemy tanks getting closer and closer. This kind of grenade with a magnetic head is very heavy. Platoon leader, this.. How can I do this? I haven't learned it! A child next to Wei Ming said nervously. Indeed, the adult officers who trained them would never have thought that these children would use grenades to fight the most ferocious main battle tanks in the world. The three steel giants were getting closer and closer, and Wei Ming felt the tremor coming through the earth. Machine gun bullets whimpered over his head like a gale, and he lowered his head and estimated their distance from here. When he felt that they had rushed to the front of the position, he stood up and threw the grenade at the tank in the middle. At the same time, he saw the muzzle of the machine gun in the turret shining at him, and the bullet clung to his ear. The grenade made an arc and stuck to the flat turret of the m1a2, scaring the American kid who was firing the machine gun into the turret. Other children in the platoon also came out of the trenches to throw grenades at the tanks, some of which stuck to the tanks and some fell to the ground. A child next to Wei Ming threw himself outside the trench and a big bullet hole appeared on his back. The grenade slipped two or three meters away from the trench, but it never exploded. Maybe the child forgot to pull down the fire hydrant. But the other grenades exploded, and in the flames and smoke of the explosion, the three tanks came out intact and rolled straight through the trench. Wei Ming jumped out of the trench and rolled to one side, avoiding the tracks of the tank, but several children were crushed to a pulp. At the same time, with a boom, an m1a2 fell on the trench and did not move. It knocked down a child who was jumping out of the trench to throw a grenade at it, and pressed the child under the tracks. The grenade that had been fired exploded in the child's hands. It blew off the tracks and blew off a wheel. The referee in the distance fired a green flare to announce the end of the game. The door of the upper turret of the paralyzed Abrams opened with a bang, and an American boy in a tank cap came out of it. When he saw Wei Ming holding a submachine gun at him below, he went back. He showed half of his head from inside the tank and shouted through the translator: "Chinese children pay attention to the rules of the game!"! Chinese children pay attention to the rules of the game! This game is over, stop fighting! When he saw Wei Ming throw down his gun, he came out again. Then three more children came out. They jumped down from the tank, put their hands on the pistols behind their buttocks and looked warily at the Chinese children who were still alive in the position. Then they walked in the direction of the American position. Walking in the last American child with a big translator around his neck, he stopped, turned his head to Wei Ming, saluted, and then said something, the translator translated: "I'm Lieutenant Morgan, second lieutenant. You're having a good time." Wei Ming returned the salute without saying anything. Suddenly he saw Morgan's chest jump, and a cat's head poked out of the kid's armored jacket and meowed. Morgan took the kitten out of his bosom for Wei Ming to see and said to him with a smile, "It's called watermelon, and it's the mascot of our car group." Wei Ming looked at the cat. The patterns on its body made it look like a small watermelon. Lieutenant Morgan saluted again and turned away. Wei Ming stood in a daze, staring at the horizon of the Antarctic continent with colorful auroras. After a long time, he slowly walked to the edge of the trench next to two small comrades who had been crushed to a pulp and sat on the wet ground crying bitterly. Iron-blooded Game (5) Huahua and Glasses' third classmate at the South Pole is Major Jin Yunhui, a fighter pilot of the 1st Air Force Division. Now he is taking part in the fighter air combat game. At this time, the J-10 formation of their squadron is flying at an altitude of 8,000 meters. Sky visibility was good, and the cockpit was filled with aurora-cast halos. Their opponent,lutein eye complex, the F15 squadron, was flying parallel to them, and the enemy and our formation were only three kilometers apart. Then the signal for the start of the game came from the earphone. Throw the auxiliary fuel tank and seize the height! Squadron leader orders.