Destiny of Reboot

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Unfortunately, she came to only one conclusion-what she saw was not a dream. What's going on? Enkidu

Unfortunately, she came to only one conclusion-what she saw was not a dream. What's going on? Enkidu 。” Although the attention is mainly on the body of Emiya Shiro, but still well aware of the expression of friends as if there is something wrong. Niang flashed her worried lips and asked Enqi all.. P. S. 1: This is plus more. By the way, as it turns out, the word count is over budget again. Twenty-two-On the Importance of Cheating and Selling Teammates (2) "Eh?"? Nope , no! Nothing 。” Hearing the friend's concerned inquiry, he realized that he had inadvertently expressed his thoughts on his face. Enki waved to Niang in a panic to show that he had no special problems. Although it only appeared for a moment, Enki was sure that he was not dizzy just now.. In the hands of the man in front of you , holding a backup key that should have been only one in the charge of Niang Shining! As the owner of the king's treasure, in fact, there is no need for the key, Niang Shining only needs to wave gently, the king's treasure will naturally open... Backup key, as the name suggests It's really just for a rainy day. Still remember, when asked about this backup key, Niang Shining once said with a smile, "Originally, as a king, you can open this treasure house as a matter of course between raising your hands.". Although the original production is to hold the idea of just in case,turmeric extract powder, but now it seems to be redundant, perhaps, the role of this backup key, probably just used to give away. If you're interested, why don't I give it to you? After all In this world, you are the only one who is allowed to touch the treasures of this king with your hands. Although in the end Enki still shook his head and refused Niang's kindness, it was only the first time he saw the key that he was deeply impressed. Since then, the long bridesmaid Shining has been playing with this spare key no less than ten times when she sees Niang Shining bored.. If we talk about the depth of understanding of this backup key. Apart from Niang Shining herself, there is no doubt that Enki is the person who knows it best. And that's why.. Just one look is enough to tell that what Emiya Shiro is holding is not a fake. 。 But, at the same time, pumpkin seed extract ,jujube seed powder, Enkidu can also be 100% sure that Niang Shining has never given the backup key of the king's treasure to anyone else! And now This backup key should be on Niang Shining's body! There is only one, the only one in the world.. And the holder never leaves the body. ..... So Why is there the same spare key as the second one in front of us? And although the cause is unknown, In front of Emiya Shiro, it seems that he doesn't want his mother to know this.. Otherwise You will not intentionally go to this position to show the key. Intuition told Enki that he had to figure out the whole story.. And judging from the fact that Emiya Shiro saved himself and his attitude all the time. He doesn't seem to have any hostility towards himself and his mother, either.. There is probably no better word to describe the act of being rude to a strong man who is not hostile for no reason than unwise. Enki is not a fool. On the other hand, as a creature of God, her IQ is smarter than most people, and this is exactly one more reason why she can't attack Emiya Shiro! Considering that Niang Shining has just pointed out that Emiya Shiro is in charge of time, Enki has a private speculation that he is not sure.. The key Perhaps it was given to this man by the future mother herself. In that case, the question of why there is only one object in the world but there are two at the same time can be answered.. I don't think anyone can snatch the key of this treasure house in Niang Shining's hand. Ten thousand steps back to say that the key has been robbed, without the approval of the Lord (Niang Shining), the key will eventually be a useless scrap metal. Surely, no one would go to such lengths to snatch a piece of junk from an unbeatable man? Therefore Assuming that Emiya Shiro really came from the future, compared with Emiya Shiro snatching the key from Niang Shining's hand, Enqi believes that Niang Shining personally handed it to the other party.. Strong and unhostile, and likely to have a close relationship with the future Jill.. It is naturally impossible to be tough. .... In that case.. Then let nature take its course. Ask him when Niang Shanshan is not around.. "Say, say..". Now that this gentleman has said so. Do you want to do what he wants? "He made up his mind and pretended to pull out the sword that was leaning on the ground. Enki took a few steps forward gently and stood only a few steps away from Emiya Shiro. Then quietly moved his eyes to Niang Shining, waiting for her instructions. As Niang Shining's good friend for many years, Enqi is naturally very clear about her proud character. Or for other smart people, this goading stuff is just old hat. However, for Niang Shining, who is accustomed to doing what she knows is impossible and does not easily obey the will of the gods, there is no easier way to deceive her than this. If my theory holds true.. Presumably In front of Emiya Shiro is also familiar with Niang Shining's character, so he deliberately said so, right? "Humph!"! As a king The king still has the tolerance he should have.. Put away your weapons ! Enkidu 。” As a result, as Enqidou and Emiya Shiro expected. Despite a little reluctance on Qiao's face, Niang Shining gently waved her hand to Enqi. But, relatively speaking, when the eyes were put back on Emiya Shiro, as if it had been written out, Niang's face was full of dissatisfaction. "So, now it's your turn to answer my question?"? Half-man 。” "Understand.". Is it about my origin? Dissatisfied in exchange for some of the wariness.. In terms of results I don't know whether I made a profit or lost money. However,akba boswellic acid, there is no time to complain so much, a little bit of sorting out the train of thought, Wei Gong Shiro began his flicker plan.