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Cecilia and Shang Yingyue knew that it was for the sake of Shiyan that they broke the wheel tree of vitality

Cecilia and Shang Yingyue knew that it was for the sake of Shiyan that they broke the wheel tree of vitality, so that they could recover as soon as possible and make the divine body go further. Audrey also fell from the top. Her face was gloomy and her eyes were dim. She lost her mind and said, "Shiyan was drawn into the center of the earth. It will take some time to complete the fusion with the original fruit. After the fusion, he will leave from the ancient continent, and we.." It will soon be thrown out of the ancient continent, and all the battles will be unnecessary. Then she went straight out. Jiao Shan and Jiao Hai hesitated for a moment, winked at everyone, helped Cecilia and Shang Yingyue, and followed Audrey away together. Without the tree of the world, the sacred mountain suddenly became empty, like a person without a heart, without tendons and bones, leaving only a skin bag, giving people a dull feeling. With the departure of Jiaoshan and Jiaohai, only Haig and other members of the God Clan were left in the sacred mountain. Mia and Phelp looked gloomy and hung their heads like dead parents, all of them were depressed. Haig had fallen in the middle of them, looking strangely lonely, no longer high-spirited and domineering,impact beam tubes, and for the first time in his life he had tasted failure, which was a disgrace! He's not even qualified to participate! As the young leader of the Bradley family of the Protoss and the future leader of the Protoss, he was recognized by the land of ancient gods when he was born. His life was smooth and smooth, just like the destiny of heaven. Regardless of his mental realm, strength and experience, he was the top in the clan. When Hazen was most proud, the Charteris family did not dare to let Hazen fight with him,Precision steel tubes, which was enough to prove his strength and status. However, on this ancient continent, the plan he made himself failed completely. The Primordial Fruit, which can affect the prosperity of the race, is obtained by Shiyan. This Primordial Fruit means that they, he knows better than anyone, can quickly fill the ancient God continent with energy, and each of the Protoss born from the ancient God continent will benefit from it. Even the people of the Protoss, who are far away in the corner of the stars, will have subtle changes in the soul altar because of the abundant energy of the ancestral star and the ancient God continent. Every ancient land is a kind of belief and spiritual pillar that can bring unimaginable benefits to a race. Once the ancient land of gods is full of energy and the power of heaven and earth is stable and peaceful, the temples of the Protoss above will undergo wonderful changes. Every Protoss can strengthen themselves through the temples and enhance their strength and spirit. They have benefited from it, and they know that it is a wonderful and profound change that can affect the whole race. But now Shiyan got the original fruit! "Is it possible that our clan will be suppressed by the undead Demons, and that the ancient Demon Continent will quickly replenish the residual energy of the universe because of his integration into the original fruit, cold drawn tubes ,side impact door beams, so that every member of the undead Demons will surge in strength, so that they can rapidly enhance their realm?" Phelp murmured, his face full of disapproval. They don't know the origin of rock fusion. It is the land of divine grace, which is the ancestral star of the Demon Clan. No wonder Cang is so bold and generous. What should really rise with it will be the Demon Clan! Every member of the Demon Clan will be supported by abundant energy because of the powerful power of Shiyan's fusion of the original fruit. This race, which has been suppressed by the Hades Royal Clan for many years, will surely shine brilliantly. Unfortunately, Haig, Mia and Phelp don't know the secret at all. It's not that easy. The undead Demons have been killed too much by our Protoss. The people have withered, and the number is very limited. Our four races are not easy to multiply, they are not so strong, as long as they do not really rise before the destruction of this race, I will still be the Protoss heaven and earth occupation! Haig gritted his teeth and shouted. Mia and Phelp sighed in their hearts, and they could only comfort themselves that the Protoss had been strong for too long, and they could not accept the decline of the race. It's time for us to leave. We have to be outside to get out of here. Haig hesitated for a moment and said, "Perhaps we still have time to clean up the trash fish before the ancient continent throws us out.." "It's not that easy with Audrey." Mia shook her head. Haig's failure, like a shadow floating in the hearts of the people, his backbone gradually lost the deterrence of the past, in the hearts of Mia, Phelp, the final tragic death of Hazen. In some ways more terrifying than Haig. They even thought that if Hazen did not die, he might be able to represent the future of the Protoss, and Haig, who was not even qualified to participate. Was secretly despised by them. Haig was keenly aware of the depression of the crowd, and his mood was even more gloomy. He suddenly stopped talking and walked silently to the cave outside the sacred mountain. He stopped at a cave entrance and looked out at the most mysterious world in the universe. There was a kind of helplessness and a kind of depression of a loser. Blue nine days, suddenly floating out of an ice blue bubble, a bubble looking for the movement of life, to find a life with the magnetic field of the warrior, they will be bound, with them floating in the sky, with them away from the ancient continent. Except for Shiyan, all the surviving warriors on the ancient continent were taken away, and silence was restored between heaven and earth. The ancient continent was closed. PS: The third watch is over. This is to make up ~ ~ The following will be made up slowly, and the owed will be made up as soon as possible ~ ~ Chapter 1181 the pattern of heaven and earth! One second to remember [t], to provide you with a wonderful novel to read a corner of the dark galaxy. An aqua-blue star of life spins quietly and gently, and the mountains and lakes on the surface of the star are as clear as a picture scroll, exquisite and beautiful, containing the fluctuation of life. This is the land of divine grace. Because of the exhaustion of the energy of heaven and earth, many strong people of all nationalities on the mainland moved away one after another and were brought into the star field by Shiyan. When they left, the energy of the mainland was almost exhausted, the vegetation withered and yellow, the old trees lost their vitality, the forests gradually transformed into deserts,beam impact tubes, and the world showed a dead atmosphere. Ordinary people living on the mainland are also directly affected by the energy changes of heaven and earth, breeding various diseases and greatly reducing their life span. In the past, a mortal who did not practice martial arts and did not incorporate the energy of heaven and earth into his body could live for seventy or eighty years with few diseases.