Ao Shi Jiu Tian

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The voice, filled with the despair of ecstasy of love, seems to use all their hearts.

"It's all right." Chu Yang comforted him by saying, "Lesser Snow is advancing.". When she wakes up, her strength will soar. Mo Qingwu breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest. He looked at Chu Yang with watery eyes and said, "That's good.". Also, Chu Yang, the knife you gave me, I just knew that day. That's awesome! See Mo Qingwu finally relaxed, Chu Yang heart also inexplicably relaxed. But as soon as the little girl patted her chest, a wave of ups and downs came out. But the development is really good; Chu Yang immediately eyes have been. All of a sudden, it's not suitable for children. Mo Qingwu snorted. He nibbled his red lips and squinted. He looked at Chu Yang like a little fox. "What are you looking at?" He said. Say. Unexpectedly step forward, exhale such as the small mouth of the orchid, that warm with sweet and greasy breath sprayed on the face of Chu Yang, followed by Xiu Ting's small chest. Very proud. Chu Yang almost turned into a wolf in an instant, wishing he could raise his head to the sky and howl. God, give me a break.. At such a young age. But you can't eat it. This is not to suffocate me. Chu Yang can guarantee that as long as he has a little action now, Mo Tianji will definitely rush in immediately, and at that time, it will really become a mutton that can not be eaten but also provoke a body of mutton gas. But this little girl is seducing me. Where did you learn it? Holding back the impulse of nosebleeds, Chu Yang suddenly thought of this question. He grabbed Mo Qingwu's hand and asked angrily, "Little girl!"! Where did you learn that? Mo Qingwu's face was shining like the morning glow. He lowered his head and mumbled without speaking. Hum, tell the truth. Chuyang asked. Yes It's from a dream,warehouse storage racks, fool! Mo Qingwu small blushing apple general, fingers are very familiar in Chuyang waist twist, some panting said: "bad guy." In the dream, every time you do something bad to someone.. Chu Yang groaned and covered his face with his hands. Oh, my God, Mo Qingwu even dreamed of those things? This This is really.. It's really.. Mo Tianji, who was separated by a wall, also covered his face. At this moment,automated warehouse systems, Mo Junshi was so angry that he hated his sister for having a wet dream for a man at such a young age. What did Chuyang, the beast, do in the more than a year when he was not around his sister. Chu Yang was speechless for a long time. "Girl," he said, "don't tempt me any more, or.." "Or what do you dare to do?" Mo Qingwu looked triumphant. He raised his head high and looked at Chu Yang. Instead, he took another step forward. His little chest was even higher. He said provocatively, "My second brother is here!"! How dare you? Mo Tianji next door burst into tears. I finally know that I still have such an important position. …… Although my second brother can't beat you. Mo Qingwu was a little depressed in a twinkling of an eye: "Second brother is really useless!" Chu Yang couldn't help laughing and gently pinched her nose: "Little devil!"! People are small and ghosts are big. Mo Qingwu blushed and looked at the face of Chu Yang, who was close at hand, as if he had thought of something, and his face became more and more red. At this moment, his eyes were hazy and his eyes were overflowing. It seemed that he wanted to see but dared not see the shyness of Yingying, which was undoubtedly revealed. At this moment, under the candlelight, Mo Qingwu, pallet rack shelving ,industrial racking systems, dressed in red, wanted to speak, but his bold move was simply a charming leprechaun who did not lose his life! Eye wave a turn, inexplicably a little more seductive taste, Chu Yang at a glance, only feel the spirit of shaking, immediately lost in this deep feeling. Chu Yang couldn't help it any longer and hugged the girl's slender waist. Force to the bosom a embrace, in the warm fragrance warm jade embrace full at the same time, a kiss on the past. Mo Qingwu is shy, suddenly a dark eyes, and then feel a face pressure over, not by the small mouth of consternation. Immediately, his lips were sucked over. It turned out that Chuyang's brother was kissing himself. After Mo Qingwu panicked. Suddenly felt a burst of joy, to instinctively reach out to push, but the hand just stretched out. But a little upset Chuyang brother if angry how to do? Before I had made a decision, a feeling I had never felt before suddenly hit my whole body. I feel a little soft all over. I seem to feel that a flexible tongue has suddenly entered my mouth. With a bang in Mo Qingwu's brain, the whole person was like entering the clouds in the sky, dazed and unaware of why. I just feel my body floating up. Float, float.. The flexible tongue stirred in his mouth for a while, and then Mo Qingwu found that his lilac uvula was attracted to the past, at the moment when the tip of the tongue touched, Mo Qingwu felt his soul floating up. She closed her eyes in spite of herself. Instinctively stood on tiptoe to meet Chuyang, as if to crush his body in Chuyang's arms to meet Chuyang's love. Chu Yang carefully and gently kissed the jade man in his arms, feeling that he was completely lost. It seems that in this moment, suddenly returned to the previous life of the purple bamboo forest, suddenly a kind of sad love and pity rushed to my heart, vaguely read: "Qingwu.." Light dance.. Hold her hard. The voice, filled with the despair of ecstasy of love, seems to use all their hearts. All the feelings, all the life, to call this name. A wordless melody seems to rise in the heart of Chuyang, turning melodious, affectionate infinite, dim, it seems that someone is singing softly, someone is dancing with the wind.. You and I have met, thousands of rivers and mountains in the bamboo forest; I am down and out at the end of the world, you dance the whole city; The bloody road of rivers and lakes blocks your tenderness. How much to love and hate, how much to have. It's all in my heart, red as blood. The merciless swordsman road is merciless to you. When I regretted that day, you were in a pool of blood. Who knows I hate, hate the earth and sky; Want to join hands with you, but you are dark; How much affection, only with the wind, only in a hurry; I meet you again in this life, How can I miss your face again? How can I miss your tenderness again? There is a Qing at the end of the world, who will not walk alone in this life. When the two love each other, thank heaven,push back racking system, this life. I can finally hold you in my arms again. In this life, I can finally hold you in my arms. Don't want your light dance, light dance is also related to love;.