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his time the team came with some familiar faces such as crazy lion and a long time ago with Chu Chen had fought the warrior night

And inside the tower of trial is double experience, Lian Ji, Chu Chen is with epiphany necklace, 30 (percent) probability of double experience, so in fact for Chu Chen is nearly 2.6 times the experience, the speed of the rise of experience is completely like flying, five days, has let Chu Chen's experience to 44 levels of 90 (percent) more. If coupled with the resident defense when killing monsters, it is likely that at that time Chu Chen's level will be able to rise to level 45, while others have also been greatly promoted, or upgraded, or experience span is very large, and the rainbow is also fulfilled to reach the level of learning brilliant feather skills, archers before and after learning brilliant feather, its strategic position is very different, it can be said that Brilliant Feather is a big turning point for archers. Archers are a slow-burning profession in chaos. Like swordsmen, they will become more and more powerful in the middle period. Multiple arrows count as one, while Brilliant Feather raises the archer's attack range to an extreme. But Chu Chen's small three is also slowly followed behind the pi stock to 40 levels, the rank gradually starts to integrate with Chu Chen. Beep beep beep. After five days of practice, Chu Chen was preparing to greet the crowd to leave when his chatter suddenly rang and immediately looked at the signature, which was the ice that he had contacted many times a few days ago. Damn it,Adhesive fish ruler, you bastard, why did you reply to me now? Ma, half a day later is the station defense, can you come back? Chu Chen immediately looked at him with a burst of dissatisfaction, the last ice is already the fourth level, such a long time, plus the efficiency of the magician, its level is estimated not to be lower than the present Chu Chen,Pi tape measure, high-level magician this profession in the station defense is the more the better. It's already here! "In.." Are you there? Where is it? "Dragon's Tooth Valley!" "Damn, did you already see the message I sent you?" "Well!" "Cao, then why don't you reply to me?" "Too lazy to go back!" “……” PS 1: Fifth watch tomorrow! PS2: Recommended White "Aunt" new book: "Campus Feng Flow Overlord 2", inheriting the style of overlord, different stories, the same Jing color, to ensure that you are cool twice a year, once for half a year. Chapter 567 The station's defense time is 12 o'clock at noon, and when Chu Chen and others out of the trial tower is already 6 o'clock in the morning, but before that, the rest of the Mercenaries have begun to withdraw from the trial tower in batches one after another, after all, Chu Chen and others will be the strategy of the Green Field Mercenaries is also expected to be very accurate, in their own station defense began Certainly will be out of the tower of the trial surrounded by watertight, although they dare not fight in the city, fish measuring tape ,Fish measuring board, but it can hold Chu Chen and others action. Fortunately, however, in the name of foresight, some people who had obviously no hope of upgrading in the short term had quit the Tower of Trial one or two days earlier, mixed with other people's streams, and the people of the Green Field Mercenary Association might not know a single soldier of the Mercenary Association, so by the last day, most of the people of the Mercenary Association in the Tower of Trial had already gone out. But Chu Chen and others themselves are simply directly a transmission stone out of the tower of the test, directly away from the outside is waiting covetously waiting for the green mercenary will. At the same time, the other supreme alliance, the dragon mercenary will and ruffian mercenary will part of the people also secretly began to act, each mercenary will be out of the number is very small, probably only about two or three hundred people, for them such a large mercenary with twenty or thirty thousand people, hundreds of people are almost a drop in the ocean, any team out of Lian Ji may be a hundred people. So even if the green mercenary will be found, also did not cause them too much attention, but in terms of quality, the hundreds of people are all Jingying, the one thousand people add up, can be comparable to an ordinary four or five thousand troops. At 9 o'clock in the morning, almost all the members of the Mercenary Society and the other three Mercenary Societies had brazenly converged in Longdu. Such a mixed force of 4000 people, of which 1000 were the top soldiers of the other three Mercenary Societies. If the Green Field Mercenary Society did not transfer eight or nine thousand people, it was almost impossible to shake them. And in a hurry, how can the Green Field Mercenary Society mobilize eight or nine thousand people, after all, that number is not small. With the support of the British troops of the three mercenary associations such as the Supreme Alliance, Chu Chen and others were more confident. Although the people at the level of the president of the Ruffian Crazy Dragon did not come, those who led the team were basically the vice president of their mercenary association. After killing the maple dust and betraying the Supreme Alliance, the new vice president of the Supreme Alliance was appointed by Jiangnan Lin Feng. This time the team came with some familiar faces such as crazy lion and a long time ago with Chu Chen had fought the warrior night, although the crazy lion and night with Chu Chen some of the festival was also killed by Chu Chen, but now the enemy, in order to common enemy, also had to shake hands again, and the dragon mercenary will be led by the creation of the dragon, Also has the blood dance setting sun as well as the Luo day cappuccino jueyan black dragon and so on, the ruffian crazy dragon mercenary soldier meets the person is quite strange, moreover their vice president's name is also very strange, peddles the gunpowder the little boy, other people are not any good family woman male's name, in short is very worthy of their ruffian this title. After greeting each other, they were preparing to leave, and suddenly a large army from far away was also coming towards Chu Chen and others. Will the Green Field Mercenaries? Chu Chen and others were surprised at first, and then quickly denied the idea in their hearts, looking at the people who came over at the moment, obviously did not have that kind of murderous feeling, so it could not be the people of the Green Field Mercenary Society. And you are After waiting for that group of people to approach, Chu Chen sees that leads a few people,cattle weight tape, not only one is stupefied. What, the last time the ghost ship left, the keeper forgot about us? The bearer burst out laughing.