We're on our way!

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This supermarket is the kind of plaque sent by Coca-Cola, which is very striking dark red!" All right! We saw it! We're on our way!

"What's the matter?" Wang Hailong asked doubtfully that Lin Yu called him directly to make him feel flattered. Yeah, I'm calling you because I'm in trouble and I need your help. You drive a car that is not too ostentatious and come here quickly. Remember the fastest speed! Lin Yu whispered an exhortation. All right, I'll find a car. I don't have to take anyone. I'll go by myself, right? Wang Hailong asked cautiously. After hearing this, Lin Yu hesitated a little and suddenly changed his mind and felt that it would be more reliable to call a few more powerful brothers to capture each other together. Sniper is OK, but the problem is that there is no place to get a sniper rifle! And the most important thing is that we must not frighten the snake, otherwise all our previous efforts will be wasted. So he opened his mouth and said, "Call Chen Hui, Jin, Wang Yan and others who can fight.". Don't yell at anyone else! Remember to be quick. The location is across from the Big Rich Night Club. "Good!"! We'll get there as soon as possible! Wang Hailong said forcefully and went to call Chen Hui and others. In fact, Chen Hui, Jin and Wang Yan were all injured at this time, but Lin Yu confessed that they could only be slightly injured before. This side suddenly changed the plan, Lin Yu did not deliberately approach the other side, but swaggered to the position where Leng Tong was and said to the other side to buy cigarettes and came to the opposite side of the road. He waited quietly for the arrival of his brothers in a small supermarket. Preparing to capture Liu Zhen reminds Lin Yu of a famous costume drama, The Deer and the Cauldron. He felt that the situation facing everyone at the moment was similar to the drama of Xiao Guizi and Kangxi with a group of bodyguards capturing Oboi. But when he thought about it, he smiled and felt that Liu Zhen was more dangerous than Oboi at the moment,whirlpool hot tub spa, because there was a saying in the streets and alleys of Bincheng that he was the first person in the force value of the underworld in Bincheng, even Lin Yu, who had not been in contact with the underworld, had heard about it. What's more, he should have a gun in his hand at the moment, or even not only a gun,whirlpool hot tub, but also some other killer's mace. Pow. Pow. Pow.. At that moment, the sound of gunfire, which had been sparse, suddenly became so intense that many people could not help exclaiming. But even so, there were a lot of people around. Many people are reluctant to leave. Liu Zhen, who had been scanning around, also focused his eyes on the door of the resplendent Dafuhao nightclub. He knew that as long as the gunfire stopped, the monkey boss would die. As for where Wu Laosan was hiding, he did not know. This makes people feel that the soul-stirring gunfire has lasted for six or seven minutes without stopping, which makes Lin Yu very puzzled. He felt that when the special forces met a single gangster, they could throw a few tear gas and then use the two-sided method to easily subdue the other side. But in fact, hiding inside is not only the monkey boss, jacuzzi manufacturers ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, but also with his most loyal subordinates, known as the eight King Kong. All of them have learned professional shooting and are now hiding in the dark, which is equivalent to occupying the advantage of covering and fighting with the other side. Wang Keming and his men soon became anxious when they could not attack for a long time. But the monkey boss and other nine people are equivalent to hiding in the bunker to fight with them, and they have a lot of ammunition on their side, which should be able to fight for several hours. The righteous side was not only unable to attack for a long time, but also two soldiers were quickly carried out of the scene from the back door and sent directly to the military hospital. At this time, Wang Keming suddenly remembered a sentence from Zuo Qiuming's Zuo Zhuan: The 12th Year of Duke Xuan: "I am still worried.". The trapped beast is still fighting, isn't it? So he was startled to let everyone retreat a little bit, temporarily slow down and no longer storm. He understood that he had just grasped the hearts of the people, so he was a little aggressive, so he was desperate. In fact, we can study the tactics carefully and find a way to deal with these people and then kill them in one fell swoop. When everyone had retreated to the next room, he was on guard and shouted, "Ergazi, step out!" "Here!" A slightly fat soldier reported quickly. You take a line back and get me some tear gas. Take 20 more grenades and I'll send them straight to the West today! I'll see if their turtle shells are hard or our grenades are overbearing! Wang Keming said something very domineering. Yes! Make sure you get the job done! When Ergazi heard this, he was in high spirits. When the platoon leader Ergazi drove back to the team with all his soldiers, Liu Zhen, who was hiding in the crowd, pondered in his heart: "It seems that the old monkey is quite effective!"! I usually look down on him. While muttering, he glanced around cautiously to see if there was anything unusual. At the same time, Lin Yu, who was standing quietly in the supermarket and watching outside, suddenly heard his phone ring. He took out his cell phone and saw that it was Chen Hui's phone, so he answered it quickly: "Hey, where are you?" Chapter 377 seeking tiger skin. "We're on the opposite side of the big rich man. What's going on here? What a big scene!" Chen Hui said doubtfully. Don't ask so much. I'm in a supermarket called Kexin here. Come and find me! I'll tell you the details when I come in! After Lin Yu said a sentence, he suddenly remembered something and continued: "This supermarket is the kind of plaque sent by Coca-Cola, which is very striking dark red!" All right! We saw it! We're on our way! Chen Hui answered and hung up the phone. When they came in, the owner of the supermarket was startled, and she almost shouted out. Moments later, Lin Yu smiled and explained, "We're not here to rob your shop. Don't worry.". I'm just using this place for a little meeting. After he finished, he explained the whole story to several people in the surprised eyes of the landlady. After waiting for everyone to understand what was going on, Lin Yu looked at the proprietress who had been worried and said, "Does the proprietress sell sharp knives in your house?" “…… You If you want money, take whatever you want! Hearing what Lin Yu said, the landlady in her thirties was so frightened that she squatted on the ground and shivered. Don't worry, we boys who have learned martial arts still need sharp knives to subdue you! Lin Yu, who felt unusually helpless, smiled awkwardly and then went to the supermarket to see if there was a handy guy. After all,hot tub manufacturers, he would soon face the legendary first man in the Bincheng underworld. But after looking for a long time, although the supermarket has a complete range of things, there are no serious knives or even kitchen knives. monalisa.com