What happened to that underground palace?

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What happened to that underground palace?" "That's a trap that the Demon Sect had in the past.

Yu Lian was a little surprised and asked softly, "Did you get an aphrodisiac?" Shen Zhili panted: "No!" Said to avoid the hand that Yu Lian slipped onto her cheek. In fact, even she didn't know what was going on. Yu Lian kept the action of starting, deadlocked for a while, smiled: "It's only a few days, you won't like that twelve nights again..." Biting his lips, Shen Zhi could not leave his mouth. Yu Lian's soft voice gradually took on a twisted flavor. He grabbed Shen Zhili's shoulder and roared: "Why?"? What's so great about him? Why are both of you bewitched by him! Obviously, I have known you for a longer time and it is better for you, isn't it? Why don't you like me? Am I not good enough for you? Tell me why? His fingers exerted themselves, and Shen Zhili's shoulder was strangled with sharp pain. Although he felt sad, his heart was not touched at all. Shen Zhili pulled his lips and said, "The person you want to ask is not me at all." The hand that held her shoulder gradually relaxed. Long hair hung down, covering Yu Lian's eyes: "Yes, not you." As an illegitimate child without any status, coupled with the constitution of not being able to practice martial arts, he was doomed to be bullied in his childhood. At first, children of the same age were afraid, but since that time. "Hum, bully you how, I still beat you, come on,Chinese spa manufacturer, hold him down." Ah, the religious leader. Yu Yan, dressed in a black leader's robe, looked at them with an expressionless face. His emotionless eyes swept over Yu Lian, whose face was pressed to death on the ground. He didn't even stay for a moment, so he turned away. Ha ha ha ha, you see, the religious leader doesn't care about you at all. There are rumors that you are the son of the religious leader. How can the religious leader treat his son like this? I think you are a bastard at all! …… All he cared about was that woman,hot tub spa manufacturers, and even seeing her son was more emotional than seeing him. After that, bullying became more common. Hit him, hit him, ha ha ha. "It's fun to hang him up and see him blush like a pig's liver!" "Look at him, look at him, he was bullied and cried, oh, did you find that this boy's skin is smoother than women, and his temper is softer than women, I don't know.." He was pinned to the ground by his limbs, and the leading boy untied his clothes, showing a look of excitement that he could not understand. However, at that moment. Ah Accompanied by the teenager's pig-killing scream, a broken wrist flew up. Yu Lian raised his whirling eyes, and as far as he could see, endless swim pool ,outdoor whirlpool tub, there was a bright and gorgeous crimson, like a red lotus blooming all over the mountains and plains, arrogant and beautiful, almost burning his eyes. A cold, haughty, undulating female voice sounded slowly: "Get out of here." Those who swaggered in front of him immediately seemed to be frightened and disappeared rolling and crawling. The girl holding the nine-ring broadsword held out her hand to him and asked lightly, "Can you get up?" Not daring to answer, he whispered, "That just now.." It was the elder's son, and you cut off his hand. "That's something I have to worry about." The girl said impatiently, "Will you get up or not?" He held her hand, small and not warm, but it made his whole body burn. The girl pulled him up and turned to go, but she seemed to remember something and threw a book to him from her bosom: "This is for you. I can't read it. It may be useful for you." After a pause, "and a man has a little backbone. Don't cry casually if you have nothing to do." It is a Poison Sutra, which can only be possessed by high-level disciples of the Demon Sect. He looked at her back and stared for a long time, as if something had broken out of his chest. For her, it was just a whim. For him, it was the only driftwood left for the drowning man. And then, no matter what position he reached with his superb poison, as long as it was her request, he would not hesitate to do his best to meet it. Because he loved her more than anyone else. But why.. She will like the Twelve Nights. Just the existence of that person made him feel unbearable. To take away.. To take away everything he has. Yu Lian suddenly raised his hand, and another silver hairpin was inserted into Shen Zhili's hair. He murmured softly, "Forget the Twelve Nights. Stay with me. Forget him.." Shen Zhili's eyes were empty for a moment, only his reaction was honest and simple. Yu Lian put Shen Zhili flat and his fingers stayed on her knot. Lord Feather Protector. Yu Lian pulled down the bed curtain and said, "What's the matter?" With an embarrassed look on his face, the bearer said hurriedly, "Lord Ye Hufa is looking for you. He's about to break in now. We can't stop him at all!" "I know." The voice did not fall, the woman in red has broken into the door. Chapter 74 Yu Lian stood up, very gentle between his eyebrows, and called softly, "Ye Hufa." Ye Qianqian held his nine-ring broadsword, which he never left his body, and asked with some displeasure, "What happened to that underground palace?" "That's a trap that the Demon Sect had in the past. It's just that few people know that it hasn't been opened for many years. I've found a way to open it in the classics, and I've told the elders and other Dharma kings.." He has a calm look. Ye Qianqian didn't have the patience to listen to him at all: "What about the Twelve Nights Childe and Shen Zhili?" Feather even a meal: "." I don't know Ye turned shallowly, and suddenly a tiny moan came out of the curtain of the bed. Feather even fingers a stiff, shallow leaf has opened the curtain, looking at the bed face endure cold sweat constantly Shen Zhili, a pick up Shen Zhili, shallow leaf strode out. Walking to the door, Yu Lian's footsteps moved, as if to stop, but did not do it after all. But Ye stopped and said without squinting, "You never lied to me before." I'm disappointed. Yu Lian opened his mouth and sighed, "I'm sorry." Beautiful fingers grabbed Ye Shallow's clothes, just as he had done when he was a child, but this time Ye Shallow did not hesitate to shake off his hand. Yu Lian raised his eyes and gazed at the back of Ye Shallow,american hot tub, then gradually climbed up his back in fear. He had a way to leave the leaves shallow, but even if there were a thousand ways, he did not dare to do it. monalisa.com