Xiao Ming did have a group of men who worked for him

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She suddenly remembered that in the original text of The Legend of Huano, Xiao Ming did have a group of men who worked for him. It was said that they were from the side of his mother, who had a mysterious and unknown life experience.

Afraid that people don't know how to make these new kinds of insect meat, Ling Yaoyao also posted the teaching videos of these three insect meat practices on his personal micro-blog for the first time. The video of the Star Age can simulate the fragrance, but because of the poisonous teaching video of Ling Yaoyao, more people went out to kill (rob) insects (vegetables) in the afternoon. The B-grade Buzz Worm looks like an enlarged version of a hairless black-bone chicken, which is more suitable for stewing. The A-grade Spiny Caterpillar looks like a sea cucumber. Looking at those burrs, Ling Yaoyao feels a little scary. In a hurry at noon, Ling Yaoyao didn't flip first. Xuetengluo 012 is only a little bit away from being promoted to the fifth level recently. Ling Yaoyao's staple food for it is still S-level winged insect meat stew. The low-level Zerg can only give it a snack to adjust its taste. When Ling Xuan changed into clean clothes and came out, he found that Ling Yaoyao had also put on the table the fried eggs and toast he had made in the morning. Ling Xuan, who had never been picky about food, was somewhat disgusted and said, "I don't want to eat this because you made it." "Don't waste it," said Ling Yaoyao helplessly. Ling Xuan is a little aggrieved: "Oh." Fortunately, Ling Yaoyao did not just let Ling Xuan eat, she also picked up a fried egg he made in the morning, and commented: "It's better than before, not bad." Heard the praise, Ling Xuan mood immediately a lot better: "You teach well!" " Busy for most of the day, both of them were very hungry. Ling Xuan did not have time to eat at all, Ling Yaoyao received the alarm of insect attack when he got up, and he just drank a nutrient for breakfast. Running worms also have a layer of shell, spicy stir-fried can be fragrant and strong, taste like crayfish, meat is very fresh and tender, but more delicious than crayfish, meat is also more! Because the prototype of braised reptile is as big as a washbasin,asrs warehouse, there are not many parts with shells, mostly pure meat parts, which are very tasty after being cut into small pieces, and the entrance is fragrant and mellow. Worm and soybean rot soup tastes delicious and tender. Ling Xuan felt that it was worthwhile to rush around overnight and work hard in the morning, because of such delicious comfort. After lunch, its own intelligent robot clears the table. Ling Xuan filled his stomach, but some of the hunger and thirst in his heart became more and more rampant. He stretched out his hand and wanted to hold the little girl in his arms for a good intimacy. But Ling Yaoyao was very clever to avoid his movements. The beautiful little girl teased him with a face: "Aren't you very busy before? Don't you have time to talk to my sister?" Ling Xuan knew that the little girl was coming to ask for punishment. He pulled Ling Yaoyao, took off the communicator on her wrist, threw it on the sofa, and then picked her up irresistibly and strode upstairs. Ling Yaoyao was startled. In order to prevent him from falling down, he hugged his neck and said, "What are you going to do in broad daylight, smelly rascal?" In the voice is actually has some Jiao Chen's taste, mobile racking systems ,warehouse pallet racks, a Qingyan small face also slightly has the blush of shame. Originally just want to hug, at most kiss Ling Xuan, can not help but blood upwelling, really a little full of warm thoughts that what to come. Fortunately, although the outside is not the morning of the insect mountain insect sea, but still everywhere is the figure of the Zerg, making Ling Xuan had to put away the heart of those charming thoughts. In order not to let the little girl feel that he was frivolous, but also in order not to test his self-control, Ling Xuan went directly to the study with people in his arms. There is a jammer in the study that blocks all communication signals from the outside world. Open the jammer, Ling Xuan immediately put the little girl on the desk, to the attractive red lips kissed down. After a long time, Ling Xuan was willing to let go a little, and his breath was a little unstable: "How can I be willing to ignore you?" As he spoke, he began to explain to Ling Yaoyao that her communicator had been left a monitoring program by Xiao Ming's hackers, and that Lu Lin had intercepted an unknown message stream from Xiao Ming's private light brain. Ling Yaoyao was kissed a little weak, but also a little embarrassed, this man kissed her every time, as hungry as eight hundred years. However, hearing the news about Xiao Ming elaborated by Ling Xuan, Ling Yaoyao was in a trance. She suddenly remembered that in the original text of The Legend of Huano, Xiao Ming did have a group of men who worked for him. It was said that they were from the side of his mother, who had a mysterious and unknown life experience. The master behind the power was suspected to be Xiao Ming's half-brother, who came from a higher technological dimension. This force is mysterious and powerful, unfathomable, always able to provide Xiao Ming with a very accurate Zerg attack trend, so that Xiao Ming can always seize the opportunity. Every time Xiao Ming communicates with the mysterious forces, the author does not give a positive description, but only a passing mention, so that people know that he has such an almost open golden finger. But until the end of the text of the article, Xiao Ming sat on the throne of the emperor, the author did not explain who Xiao Ming's half-brother was and why he was so powerful. The author said that all the foreshadowing will be revealed in the irregular updates. But Ling Yaoyao really doesn't like the man Xiao Ming who will stop at nothing for power. Xiao Ming goes to the peak of his life to marry Su Qinghe. She is not happy at all. She even feels that Xiao Ming, who values power and selfishness so much, doesn't deserve the woman Su Qinghe at all. Also very much do not like and own the same name female match Ling Yaoyao's ending, thought that although she has the wrong place, but also does not calculate how bad, the Ling family is completely innocent. This is a HAPPY ENDING that makes many readers feel like eating a fly. Where does Ling Yaoyao still have the mood to wait for what? Just delete the collection. Ling Yaoyao some chagrin up, in that unknown side story, there will not be any terrible foreshadowing to reveal the secret? If she had known that she would travel to the world of the book, she should have read it well. Although by the time of her accident, I don't know if the extra chapter of this article has been updated. But now that she is already in the game, and she has mastered a lot of prophets, Ling Yaoyao is not too entangled with this issue. She only said with a dignified face: "I remember that the power behind Xiao Ming seems to be his mother clan,cantilever racking system, which should come from a higher technological dimension, and can always help him accurately control the attack dynamics and power distribution of the Zerg.." However, this sentence has brought enough information to Ling Xuan. jracking.com