Quan Cai (Teng Yu) _

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Quan Cai (Teng Yu) _ Quan Cai (Teng Yu) _ Quan Cai (Teng Yu) _ Quan Cai (Teng Yu) _

Dong Xuebin said with a wry smile, "It doesn't matter if it's not a short pile. It doesn't matter if it's a little vulva. It's all right as long as it's four sixes." The shopkeeper kept waving his hand, "46 is too difficult to take, a single is not easy to find, if 46 really match into a pair, I am not going to sell, I still keep it for fun." With a sigh, Dong Xuebin left here without surprise and went to the next shop. Boss, excuse me, do you have four six lion heads? "Oh, the biggest pair I have here is a four-four wheat tiger. Why don't you have a look?" “…… Never mind, thank you. One, two, three, looking for four in a row is the same result, just one answer-no! Not long after, Dong Xuebin shook his head and sighed and muttered, "I knew that if it was really so easy to find,faux grass wall, Liu Hua and his wife Tian Tian had already bought it?" He was about to go back when the cries suddenly came into his ears. Look, here is the big chicken heart, 200 pairs, here is the Panshan lion head, 400 pairs. Not far away, under the big sunshade, a group of people surrounded the walnut stall with three layers inside and three layers outside. Dong Xuebin opened the crowd and approached to see that what the shopkeeper was selling was not finished walnuts,large ficus tree, but round green fruits. Several piles of green-skinned walnuts were placed in the basket of the stall, and five or six hands were picking them up, and the business was very hot. Because the juice of green-skinned walnuts turns black when exposed to air, the stall owner's hands look like a coal digger. He cuts the green-skinned walnuts with a knife and keeps shouting in his mouth. Dong Xuebin is no stranger to this picture. Gambling green peel, commonly known as gambling walnut. It is the kind of round green fruit that comes down from the tree without waiting for the rotten skin of the walnut itself. Most of the varieties sold in this Shilihe are childe hats, chicken hearts, tiger heads, and the most high-end lion heads. It is impossible to judge the quality, texture and size of the walnuts in the green skin from the appearance. Scientific instruments can not detect them, so they are called gambling green skin. Buying good or bad depends entirely on luck. It is a very exciting way of playing that has become popular in Beijing in recent years. The time of the tiger's head under the tree is relatively early, and it can hardly be seen in the next month. Most of the varieties sold now are lion's head. Bet on walnuts!? Dong Xuebin winked thoughtfully. Although the grade of the green peels picked out and sold by the shopkeepers was not very good, there were many exceptions. When he was working the year before last, he saw an old man open two green peels with his own eyes. As a result, silk ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, he produced a pair of 44mm wheat-ear tiger heads, which were very good. That Since you can't find four six lion heads anywhere, are you trying your luck in this pile of green skins? What if it's in there? No, not in case, the whole Panjia yuan so many green skin, four or six walnuts even if how little there must be one or two, right? The key is how to get it! You can't see it from the skin alone! There will be another outbreak today. It's the second watch. Ask for a recommendation ticket!] Chapter 65 [out! 46mm!】 (Third watch!) In front of the walnut stall, Dong Xuebin pulled his neck and observed quietly. "This year's big chicken heart is good," the stall owner barked. "Let's bet on a couple." Someone took a pair over. "I'll take a pair, these two." "All right." The proprietress with a northeastern accent next to her took the 200 yuan and threw it into a plastic basket. Then she dug it skillfully with a knife. She quickly peeled off most of the skin and flesh on the surface of the green-skinned walnuts. Finally, she picked up a brush and rinsed the water in a white plastic bucket. The pulp in the cracks of the walnuts was also cleaned up. Finally, she took a caliper to measure it. The proprietress said with regret: One is 37 and the other is 39. They don't match. This size is relatively general, at least 42mm. The pubic skin is a blemish, and walnuts with pubic skin or other defects are worth a lot less even if they are larger in size. Hearing this, the buyer turned away in silence. Later, someone bought a pair of green skins with lion heads, and the results were 39mm and 41mm respectively, which was not ideal. Then the next person drives 36mm and 38mm. The next one is 40mm and 39mm, which is a match. Seeing this situation, Dong Xuebin immediately gave up his idea of gambling on walnuts. No, so many green peels did not even come out above 42mm, and the probability of 46mm was even smaller. Even if he had the goddess of luck, it was estimated that he had no chance to waste money! But if he gave up, he would not be reconciled. Ten minutes.. Half an hour.. One hour.. Dong Xuebin stood in front of the booth for two hours, seeing less and less green skin. The original more than 100 lion heads and green skins are now less than 30, and the big chicken hearts are sold out of a basket, and the boss later moved out a new basket from the back. However, with such a large amount of water flow, Dong Xuebin has never seen a lion's head of more than 44mm appear from the beginning to the end. A 43.8mm one is the biggest. After the water evaporates, the walnut shrinks again. The 43.8mm one is at most 43mm in size. It's too small! It's all too small! At noon, I bought a McChicken Burger set meal at KFC outside, and then I came back here to stare at it. Ten.. Twenty.. Fifty.. At four o'clock in the afternoon, Dong Xuebin was already exhausted. Not only were his eyes blurred, but his legs were also numb. At this time, the business was much less. The boss in the northeast had to catch his breath. The proprietress took one look at Dong Xuebin and said with a strange expression, "Young man, would you like to have a bet?" She had noticed Dong Xuebin since the morning and had been looking at him for seven or eight hours, but she didn't buy any of them. Dong Xuebin thought about it and shook his head. Someone bet on a 44.7mm one just now, but it is still far from Dong Xuebin's 46mm. Alas, the odds are too small, go back? It was getting late,fake ficus tree, and Dong Xuebin decided to look at the last couple and leave. How much is the low pile lion's head? At this time, a middle-aged man with a tall figure and a similar size to the pile squatted in front of the walnut basket. "There are four hundred pairs of ordinary lion heads in Panshan," said the stall owner. "The big ones are expensive. There are six hundred and one thousand." 。 hacartificialtree.com