Miraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm

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Miraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to FarmMiraculous Doctor Farmer's Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm

If she was "somewhat" changed, then Bi Xueli was directly angry from embarrassment and raised her voice: "That's not necessarily true. As far as the little girl knows, the general's wife, your family background, I'm afraid it's not as good as the little girl, don't you also get the general's green eyes? Tut, look at this ambition, look at this look of calmness. Young and frivolous, probably short of pointing to his nose and saying, you go away, let me come. Su Qinghuan smiled, picked up a spring roll and put it in his mouth and bit it slowly. Then he threw it into the bowl in disgust: "After the hour, everything tastes bad." How dare you, an older leftover woman, exclude me? The yellow flower butterfly is also worried tomorrow. Weigh the price by yourself. Bi Xueli heard Su Qinghuan's intention, so angry that her nose was almost crooked, and she wanted to point at her and shout abuse, and was slapped in the hand by Aunt Tang. Aunt Tang glared at her and said, "Ah, why are there insects now?"! Shirley, apologize to your wife! Madam's grandfather is Zhang Ge Lao, a senior official in the court. How can you talk about his family background? "The outer room." As soon as Bi Xueli said two words, she was trampled by Aunt Tang. Seeing the warning look in the latter's eyes,faux ficus tree, she bowed her head unwillingly, crouched down and saluted, her voice like a mosquito: "Madam, forgive me." Su Qinghuan didn't want to give her face-joking, coveting her man, she would have a good temper? Make her face swollen today and let her have a long memory! Su Qinghuan slowly picked up the teacup and took two sips of tea, looking as if he had not heard. Xun Shi was afraid that the errand would be thrown back to eat, so he could only laugh to smooth things over and said,silk cherry blossom tree, "It's my wife who didn't discipline her well. Your ladyship laughed." This pair of mother and daughter, reverse right and wrong black and white, Xun Shi has suffered too much in their hands. It's a little less taught. Su Qinghuan looked down at Bi Xueli, "I don't know the depth of heaven and earth. I advise Mrs. Xun to go back and ask a strict Mammy to discipline her, so as not to marry into someone else's family and harm someone else's family." Bi Xueli stood up with a red face and said angrily, "You are so jealous because you are afraid that I will rob the general!"! I'm telling you, you can't stop me! Aunt Tang was also a little unhappy and said, "Although my daughter speaks recklessly, she is young. Why is your ladyship so aggressive and demeaning?" "She's young?"? I'm smaller than her! Am I aggressive? I am the general's wife, you two give me shoes, I dislike the low position, don't say I am aggressive, I just beat and scold you a few words, what can you do to me? You admit I have an identity, so why don't I use it? Her cheeky words shocked Aunt Tang so much that she was speechless. Chapter 377 angry diss. Bi Xueli was so angry that the flowers trembled. She grabbed the jade pendant Su Qinghuan had given her from the servant girl's hand and smashed it on the ground. "I don't want your poisonous things," she said ferociously. Tut, Faux cherry blossom tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, tut, but in a few words, she became a poisonous woman? It seems that this beloved Miss Bi is really not sophisticated, but a little funny. An angry puffer fish appeared in Su Qinghuan's mind, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. The jade pendant fell on the hard ground and fell apart in an instant, one of which collapsed in front of a pair of black and white boots. It was abandoned by Lu. Su Qinghuan sat steadily, holding his cheeks and smiling at the expressions of the crowd. Shirley Bi was stunned, her eyes wide and her face still twisted, as if she were wondering what expression to put on to greet her hero of the world. Auntie Tang gave her a hand, and then she hurriedly squatted down with Auntie Tang and saluted. Her voice was crisp and she said, "The little girl pays her respects to the general and her father." Pity her, full of affection, met Lu Qi such an icicle. Xun Shi also gave Lu Qi and Bi Shoubei who came later to pay his respects. "Then Su Ching-huan stood up and said," General, you must be ready. Bi Shoubei dared not accept her salute and dodged sideways. What's wrong Lu Qi frowned and said in a deep voice. Bi Xueli's eyes were red, and I looked at him with pity. Before I spoke, there were two lines of tears. The appearance of pear blossoms with rain made people want to rub them into their arms and comfort them. But this leer was obviously thrown to the blind man, and Lu Qi's eyes only looked at Su Qinghuan. Su Qinghuan held his temples and said unhurriedly, "The general gave me a jade pendant last time. I like to wear it on my body. When I see Miss Bi is gentle and lovely, I give it to her.". Originally, I thought I would order a concubine room for the general as a gift, but I didn't expect that Miss Bi might feel unhappy and drop the jade pendant. Let White Lotus see what is called reversing right and wrong, what is aggressive, what is really fearless! Aunt Tang and Bi Xueli were shocked, never thought Su Qinghuan lied so smoothly, the draft did not need to be typed, the face did not change color. I have been shooting birds for many years, but now I have been pecked by birds. This is the mother and daughter used to, but today was caught off guard. Although she was the daughter of a beloved concubine, Bi Shoubei, who had been hit in the face in public and could not get off the stage, was still angry. Pointing at the mother and daughter, he scolded them: "Unappreciative things!"! Why don't you kneel down and kowtow to your wife? "Dad, that's not true." Bi Xueli, with a face of grievance, pointed at Su Qinghuan and said, "It's her, it's her bloody mouth.". My daughter has never been like that. "Bold!" Lu Qi looked angry and dignified. "Come on, speak rudely to your ladyship and slap your mouth!" As soon as the voice fell, the bodyguard next to her came forward and slapped her four times, which made her face like a pig's head, dizzy and collapsed on the ground. Bi Shoubei was distressed and angry, but the official level crushed people to death, reason eventually prevailed, so that he did not dare to face Lu Qi, but also echoed: "Thank you for the general's teaching!" It seems that it is impossible to put her daughter beside Lu Qi. Bi Xueli looked at Bi Shoubei in disbelief, not understanding why he had suffered such a grievance, but also had to bow his head to admit his mistake, neck straight high, a face of anger. She didn't know the look, but Aunt Tang did. Auntie Tang fell to her knees and kowtowed to Su Qinghuan,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, saying, "The maidservant has apologized to his wife for my daughter." Her forehead soon swelled up. Bi Shoubei's eyes flashed with satisfaction. By retreating in order to advance, Aunt Tang was really intelligent and worthy of his usual favor. But Lu Qi is the one who eats this? Give him a step. He goes one step further. hacartificialtree.com