Dark sugar is hard to guard against

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Dark sugar is hard to guard againstDark sugar is hard to guard against

In front of outsiders, he always looks ascetic and serious. Just as she had seen him for the first time in this design Institute more than two years ago. I can't imagine that he is so gentle and considerate in private, and occasionally a little childish. Just like this morning, when she was tying his tie, he took advantage of her inattention to make a sneak attack, and when he succeeded, he was as proud as a child who grabbed a toy. Tang Xien suddenly felt his heart beat faster and was about to return to Fu Shiyu's office to wait when he saw him sitting in his seat and striding out of the door. Don Sheehan stood up straight and smiled. Fu Shiyu opened the door and took her hand directly. He looked down at the four-layer bento box in her hand and said, "It's estimated that there are still twenty minutes to go. You go to my office to have a rest first. We'll have dinner together later." Tang Xien answered softly: "Good." He raised his hand to the back of her head and lowered his head to kiss her cheek. "Go." Behind the conference room immediately sounded a whisper: "I did not expect more than two years, the old man did not change ah..." "Is the boss still with her after what happened to Jane?" Lu Hang, who was sitting next to the main seat, coughed heavily and said seriously, "What are you talking about?"? What substitution? Lawyer Tang has already argued with the boss, but he hasn't had a wedding yet! Don't you want to take the year-end if you talk nonsense again? Everybody is astonished, how did not think of a female lawyer, can tie up their handsome and talented Fu director who also has a lot of money. . Tang Xien waited in the office for a while, and the meeting in the opposite conference room broke up. Fu Shiyu was the first to come out, holding a laptop in one hand, strode into the office, turned around and closed the transparent floor glass door, and pulled up the blinds. Suddenly,smart board interactive whiteboard, the whole office fell into a state that no one could see. 354 landlady 354 The building of SY Architectural Design Institute is very distinctive, just like the director's office on the third floor: behind the desk is a whole floor glass, from which you can see the rockery and flowing water in the courtyard on the first floor; and the roof of the office is also a large area of light green insulated glass. It was winter, and the leafless branches were slanting, blocking some of the sunlight and casting artistic shadows on the dark log floor of the office. Wandering in such an artistic environment every day, it is no wonder that SY can design many projects that have won international awards. What delicious food did you bring me? Fu Shiyu went behind the desk, pinched Tang Xien's cheek,smart board whiteboard, took off his suit jacket, and loosened his collar with one hand. He sat down in front of his desk and looked at Don Sheehan, who was sitting in his seat with his hands on his side and his feet hanging in the air. Tang Xien looked up at him, then looked at the closed door, and said with a bad smile, "You've pulled down the curtain. Those who don't know think we're doing something inside." "Isn't it normal for the boss to close the door when the landlady comes to visit?" Tang Xien laughed twice, stood up, went around to Fu Shiyu's side, hugged his arm and walked to the tea table: "Eat first, I have something to say to you." Two curried beef brisket rice, a salad and a cold okra are put on the table. Fu Shiyu brought over two bottles of mineral water, and the two of them began their lunch. Aren't you supposed to be in the office right now? Why did you come to bring me a meal? Fu Shiyu unscrewed the mineral water and handed it over. Tang Xien took it, took a sip, and said carefully, 4k smart board ,65 inch touch screen, "I went to the old house in the morning." Fu Shiyu's hand, which was about to scoop up the curry rice, stopped. He looked up and said in a slightly serious tone, "What did Grandpa say to you?" Tang Xien didn't want to cause a rift between Master Fu and his grandson because of himself, so he slightly processed what Master Fu said in the morning: "Grandpa said, I'm glad you finally decided to take over Fu, and I hope I can work with you!"! He also comforted me not to worry about Janine. The old man believed in fate, but he was more open-minded than we were. Fu Shiyu naturally did not believe these words, but he did not break the casserole to ask in the end. Instead, he said with a smile, "The Fu family are your relatives, and they must all support you!"! Don't care about other meaningless people. 'Good. ” Fu Shiyu ladled a few pieces of beef brisket from the food box into Tang Xien's food box: "You eat more." With these words, he picked up the okra to eat. Xu was a little hungry after a morning meeting, and Fu Shiyu ate very seriously and did not say much. Tang Xien is absent-minded, because the mood is depressed, the appetite is actually not very good. She stirred the rice in the food box and didn't eat much meat. Seeing that Fu Shiyu had eaten almost enough, she held it in her heart for a few days, but finally she couldn't hold it: "I already know that Dean Teng is my father." Fu Shiyu, who was holding a mineral water bottle and intending to drink water, suddenly looked at her in surprise and did not speak for a long time. I showed his picture to my mother, and my mother recognized him. Now that I think about it, many of his elements are in line with the characteristics of my biological father, but I did not dare to dream that I was his descendant, so I never thought about that place. Fu Shiyu was still in shock, not that Tang Xien knew the identity of Teng Zhongqian, but that when she learned that her biological father, who had been looking for many years, was beside her, she did not have all kinds of emotions of ordinary people, but was so rational and calm. And her lack of self-confidence also made Fu Shiyu feel very distressed. He screwed on the cap of the mineral water bottle, went to sit down beside her, took her into his arms and held her tightly. The person in the bosom is quiet, do not cry, do not make a noise also do not speak, and she is not like at all at ordinary times. This made Fu Shiyu even more worried. He raised his hand and stroked her hair and asked, "You have to believe that he is proud of you, so don't look down on yourself.". He knows you're good. She didn't speak, she didn't say a word, she didn't know what she was thinking. After a while, she clenched Fu Shiyu's shirt and said, "If I'm great, why doesn't he want to recognize me?" Hearing this, Fu Shiyu knew that she knew everything. In the past, she might have launched all kinds of attacks, punishments,interactive panels for education, or breakups because of his concealment, but at this moment, she did not vent her anger because of his concealment. She is mature and knows that it is helpless to distinguish the concealment of her lover sometimes. hsdsmartboard.com