Did madam go home today?

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Did madam go home today?Did madam go home today?

Assistant Zhang answered respectfully: "At 4:41 p.m. Beijing time." Gu Quannian did not speak, but frowned lightly. "Go to the meeting," he ordered in a voice as cold as ice water. Wait to go into the conference room, at this time, Gu Quannian stopped, seems to be unwilling in general, but also with a clear sense of regret and anxiety. "What time is it?" He asked again. Assistant Zhang nodded respectfully and answered: "At 4:42 p.m. Beijing time." "Really, it's only been a minute?" Gu Quannian tightened his eyebrows and complained coldly and softly. Push the door and go in. During the meeting, Gu Quannian frequently asked several times what time it was. Senior leaders were all puzzled, thinking why General Manager Gu always asked the time? However, Assistant Zhang, as if he was used to his own boss, answered calmly and patiently: "General Manager Gu, it's not five o'clock yet." He quietly approached Gu Quannian and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Madam won't be home until 5:20." Five twenty? Gu Quannian clasped the desktop impatiently with his fingers, and his knuckles were long and straight. He pursed his thin lips and said to himself, "I'll be home at 5:20. Should I wait for her at home in advance?"? She's been away at work for a week and she hasn't seen her at all. With this in mind, Gu Quannian became even more impatient. The good-looking eyebrows are tightly twisted, and the cold and cold aura of the whole body is even worse. Tell me what you have to say! Gu Quannian saw that a senior official was chattering with him about the progress of this season's work,smart whiteboard price, and he interrupted him directly and impatiently. Frightened by Gu Da boss, everyone was afraid to speak for a while. Gu Quannian hurriedly buckled the table and stood up, "This is the end of today's meeting!" He left this sentence and walked out of the conference room with a long step in the confusion of the high-level people. Assistant Zhang unconsciously shrunk his neck and opened his eyes wide, and he hurried to keep up with him. Luxury sports car, almost flying back to Gujia Villa. When Gu Quannian got off the bus, he looked at the time. It was 5:16. She was going home in four minutes. Entering the door, Gu Quannian took off his suit jacket, turned a few steps in the living room,digital signage kiosk, and sat on the sofa. After 5:20, Gu Quannian sat there with his fists on his knees. He stared back at Assistant Zhang with displeasure. "Didn't you say she would come back at 5:20?"? Why don't you come back when you've arrived?! Assistant Zhang kept silent like a cicada in cold weather. He was frightened from the moment he entered the door. It was not the first time he had seen such a storm. Answer: "Don't worry, General Manager Gu, she must be on her way back!" Gu Quannian put one elbow on his knee and stroked his chin with his fingers. "Do you think I should go to pick her up?" He thought. Assistant Zhang stopped him: "No!"! General Manager Gu, your wife doesn't want you to pick her up! Gu Quannian nodded, this is also true. So I waited for another minute, two minutes. Ten minutes. Gu Quannian's eyes shot at Assistant Zhang with cold eyes. "Why hasn't she come back?!" Assistant Zhang was so scared that he called to ask. When he came back, Assistant Zhang answered: "General Manager Gu, your wife said she would go to dinner with her friends!" Gu Quannian got up directly, full of cold air, "go outside again, not at home?!"! Get the car ready, I'm going to find her! He said, interactive whiteboard prices ,outdoor digital signage displays, getting up, picking up his suit jacket and walking out the door. Assistant Zhang steeled himself and said, "General Manager Gu, madam said that if you dare to go to her and spoil her fun, she will run away from home immediately!" “……” How dare this damn woman threaten him like that?! Gu Quannian's face was very gloomy and indifferent. Assistant Zhang: "General Manager Gu, shall we still go there?" Gu Quannian felt a sulk in his heart and clenched his fist and went back to sit on the sofa. He looked at Assistant Zhang angrily: "Didn't you hear that?"? She forbade me to go! This article is really super sweet. Gu Quannian has been chasing his wife on the way to the crematorium. Very flirtatious! (End of this chapter) 2. No Chapter 2 that damn confession. Chapter 2 that damn confession. Two years ago. Big brother, you are so old, and you don't have a girlfriend yet. Guan sat casually in a chair, white slender arms on the edge of the table, looking at the gentle and elegant man in front of him. The man, who was called Big Brother, looked at her with tender eyes. "I can't find it." When Guan almost laughed to death, her big brother like this, still can't find a girlfriend?! You're kidding me. Shiguan pulled her wavy long hair to the back of her head, looking lazy and with a little amorous feelings, and teased him: "I can't find it either.". In that case, the two of us can live together. The man's eyes with a smile, plain and serious answer her: "Well, I happen to like you for a long time, then we are in love, or, directly married?" Shi Guan: "… …" I didn't expect, ah, I didn't expect that her elder brother, who is refined and ascetic, would one day be able to "rise from the sky with pure love, once better than you and me.". Skill sees rise, can turn over to molest her! Not bad, Shiguan is laughing. The man looked serious and asked her, "What are you laughing at?" "Laugh at you!" When the corner of Guan's eye rises, a little bit of charm, "when can you also joke?" "I'm not kidding!" Uh? When Guan looked back, he looked at Big Brother with a strange face. Big Brother's smile was as warm as the spring breeze in March. He said word by word, "I really like you, and you have expressed your love to me, so you should be responsible for me!" Shi Guan: "… …" Confess a ghost! The sky outside the window gradually darkened, and suddenly, Shiguan woke up from bed. Ah! It's killing me! She sat up and scratched her hair in silence. How could she always think about Big Brother's confession a few days ago?! Very upset, when Guan side out of bed, again muttered: "I really can not stay here!" " She came to England for just over a year. I usually live alone in this small apartment. Now, Shi Guan washed and tidied up, changed into a rose-red jacket with bare shoulders, straight and slender below, and wore black leather pants on his legs. Also did not make up,digital whiteboard price, only put on a retro red lipstick, when Guan went out. 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