Putting down the bow

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Putting down the bowPutting down the bowPutting down the bow

Cheng Gan was born to be petite, but he was indeed a little short. But since the "foggy dog" has the ability to make people turn pale at the mention of a tiger, it is impossible to send a stunning person to sneak into the enemy camp alone in order to steal a bow and arrow. Pulling his mouth, he could only cut the Gordian knot with a sharp knife and send you a broken foot. While he was rolling all over the ground with his crotch covered, he picked up his bow and arrow, grabbed the reins and flew on the horse, struggling to break through. Useless stuff! Unexpectedly let a woman sneak in, do you think the head on your neck is too reliable?! If you have the ability, don't teach your men a lesson here. Now take the lead and go to battle to kill the enemy. It's a pity that contempt is contempt. I'm not a monogamous Guan Yunchang. I don't have the ability to be outnumbered. Finally, a few steps away, I was stopped by the soldiers with spears at the gate of the camp. I breathed a sigh of relief, kept calm, and looked back at the sergeant who had just jumped and roared beside me. Not without accident, the mouse eyes fly over a touch of lascivious color. With a sneer, I came straight to the point and said, "My concubine is Xi and Renshi, not Yunsang. I just want to borrow a bow and arrow to save a friend.". "If Master Jun is willing to make it convenient, I will thank him again in the future." "Thank you again." The sergeant raised his eyebrows, froze my face, and said obscenely, "Miss, such beauties will surely be spoiled by the Japanese bandit leader.". You might as well tell the man you want to save to this captain. When it's done,facial recognization camera, I'll accompany you for one night. I'll go through fire and water and refuse to die. To die under the peony, to be a ghost is also romantic. Glancing at that detestable little man's face, I laughed instead of being angry: "It is your good fortune to negotiate with a cowardly turtle like you who can only hide in the barracks." Hearing me call myself "this palace," all the people present were stunned. Although I couldn't produce a token to prove my identity, I was on fire at the moment. I raised my eyebrows and looked at the stunned sergeant. I said coldly, "Whether you believe it or not.". This palace is prince de Chenggan. Send someone to the other side to tell Weiyang that he wants the palace to die here, but the people on the island are innocent. If he insists on having his own way and detains the Yizhou Army, his master will soon make it public how he secretly plays tricks and instigates civil strife. See if the good brother of this palace can still hold the throne in the future! Prevent trouble before it happens. Now I am the gunpowder that has uncovered the fuse,Interactive digital signage, threatening the throne that Yao Yan has just got. Weiyang did not hesitate to delay the Yizhou army, but to take advantage of the chaos to kill me. I laughed at the sergeant who was getting more and more confused. That's all I said. I turned around on horseback and glanced at the soldiers who were facing each other with spears. I raised my jaw slightly and said coldly and proudly, "Get out of the way!" When Prince De, who was in Donglai, suddenly appeared here, how could he be suspicious. The soldiers did not disperse, hesitated and looked, I stayed in the horse to wait, although it is smiling, the eyes gradually accumulate cold and fierce, confronting each other for a long time, a young soldier bowed his head sideways, one after another, is to give way to a way. I pulled up my lips and lowered my eyes to the light jaws of the crowd, even though the horse was heading for the coast. People with blood on their faces fled in panic. The woman who was separated from her son wept bitterly. The red-eyed Japanese bandit laughed wildly. Harsh noise along the way, facial recognition thermometer ,face recognition identification, converge into a frenzy, hit the bottom of my heart, suddenly suffocated. Although I have seen many war documentaries in the past, the yellowing pictures and the bodies withered like wind and leaves are still far less shocking than the scene. People in distress everywhere, full of devastation, I forced the bloody corpse away from the line of sight, to avoid the exiled people, draw a knife to drive a horse, rushed into the battlefield. Even know that these Japanese also have wives and children, but under orders. Even if we trace back to the source, the chief culprit of this war is me, who made Zhu Que Shou insist on staying in Xi He. But here there is no room for distraction and regret, and there is no room for me to be soft-hearted, to hold the reins tightly, to face the ferocious enemy, to outline the appearance of Weiyang in my mind, almost instinctively, hand up and knife down. The heart is not distracted, but to beat the horse forward and fight our way out. That's the woman! Because it was a stunning woman who rushed into the battlefield alone, the Japanese bandits who met me at the beginning died in vain because of a moment of carelessness. The front longitudinal horse to the three Japanese is obviously to avenge their companions, face cruel, aggressive. I quickly looked at the three strong men. If it was a close combat, I couldn't take advantage of them. Without hesitation, I took the bow and arrow. Seeing this, the leader of the other side laughed loudly. His face was full of ups and downs. The scar extending from the corner of his eye to his lower jaw looked even more ferocious: "This Xi and the little woman have a lot of courage. They dare to fight against this uncle!" He raised his hand to stop the other two and galloped toward me. "This woman is more beautiful than the little girls we caught. Give her to the young Lord, and I will have no worries about food and clothing all my life." Sure I don't understand cloud mulberry words, a face of lewd smile Japanese wantonly use dirty words, give me humiliation. Raising my eyebrows slightly, I reined in my horse, gazed coldly, held my breath, and waited until I was near. The two fingers of the arrow loosened, and with lightning speed, the sharp arrow flew to the heart of the Japanese and sank deep into his chest. Like you, I came here with the intention of killing and being killed. Perhaps from the beginning to the end, he ignored me. Putting down the bow, I told him calmly in Yunsang's words, don't look down on women. He turned a deaf ear to it, but his eyes widened and he stared at his heart. He opened his mouth and let out a few lingering chants. He shook his body and fell off the horse. You this.. Xi and Niang. Before he took his last breath, he froze on my face and stared angrily, unwilling to believe that it was Xi and women who had always been ruined by them that sent him to the afterlife. With an expressionless face, I drew two arrows from the quiver behind me, raised my bow again, and looked indifferently at the remaining two Japanese: "If you want to avenge him, just bring it on." Chapter 29, Yao Ying [3] Seeing that I was calm and seemed to have a plan for my own archery, the two of them hesitated. I raised my eyebrows and drew a bow full of strings. Seeing this, the Japanese quickly rode back and were about to escape,face recognition identification kiosk, but two cold arrows flew from their left rear, hitting the back of the heart. Defeated by a woman, I don't need such a useless loser as you! 。 hsdtouch.com