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Mi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian LuMi Xian Lu

Young little face a panic, hurriedly small hand even point, a piece of blue light flashing, the dream eating insects all enveloped in the blue light, and all back. The body of the young soul boy, also under the command of Zhao, turned into a blue light and flew back into Zhao's sleeve. In this battle, Yaoyao used the dream-eating bug, which not only broke the powerful magic treasure of thousands of flying needles, but also severely damaged the divine consciousness of the other side, but also lost thousands of dream-eating bugs. Fortunately, these numbers are not too much for the total number of sleep-eating insects trapped. Zhao also opened his mouth to spray, a five-color light flew out, and in midair, he turned into a five-claw real dragon with brilliant five-color light. The virtual shape of the real dragon also has the same five claws to grasp the surrounding void. At the same time, the dragon's mouth opens wide and sucks wildly. Within a radius of more than ten miles, the spirit of heaven and earth turns into various points of light the size of a grain of rice, and like thousands of rivers flowing into the sea, all of them pour into the five-color virtual shape of the real dragon. Suddenly, the five-color light on the surface of the virtual shape is even more brilliant! At this time, Zhao has also been very fast to finish the nine flying sword sacrifice, only need to control its flying to the appropriate position, can immediately arrange the nine palace mixed sword array! After entering the realm of the refining period, the two powerful magical powers of the Jiugong Huanyuan Sword Array can finally be displayed by Zhao,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, who believes that this will become his trump card against high-ranking monks! Zhao's ten fingers flicked one after another, and the tricks were played out one by one, and they went to the flying swords. Suddenly there were four or five flying swords, shooting at the back of the emperor machine old demon, while the dream glass sword was flying upward. Once the position was completed, it could form a sword array and surround the emperor machine old demon! Although the emperor machine old demon is not familiar with the sword array, but he can practice to the present realm, the knowledge is naturally very extensive,ultrasonic welding transducer, in front of several flying swords from around to surround themselves, they know that Zhao is to arrange the sword array, trap themselves. The action is so fast, just between one or two breaths, unexpectedly can prepare the sword array, in the rumor, this kind of complex sword array, is not usually takes a long time to sacrifice? The old devil was surprised, but his body movements were very agile. He just lifted his legs and took a few steps seemingly at will, and then his body flew more than a hundred feet in a flash, avoiding the encirclement of several flying swords. Although the old devil did not believe how powerful the sword array could be arranged only by a monk in the early stage of refining, he was cautious and did not want to be trapped in it. At the same time, the old devil sleeve robe a shake, a few different colors of magic light flash, fell in front of its body, unexpectedly is three have the God late repair for the refining corpse! The three corpses were all holding a magic treasure of good quality in their hands, or a pair of double hooks shining with cold light, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, or a very thick stick shining with golden light, or a dark red chain several feet long, with barbs of inch length on the surface, which made people shudder at first sight! Three refining corpses, the body is very tough, have manipulated the hands of the magic treasure, from three different directions, to Zhao! These three alchemists are all the proud works of the old demon of the imperial machine. In his early years, he had made a great reputation. After the old demon of the imperial machine advanced to the later stage of alchemy, all kinds of means became more powerful, so he seldom used these three alchemists. But now the old demon obviously wants to make the demon empty, swallow a lot of heaven and earth demon gas, and display a very powerful magical power to achieve the effect of one move to defeat the enemy, so he needs to use these three Fen Shen to gain more time for him to sacrifice and cast spells. With a cold hum in his nose, Zhao Di suddenly had a flash of golden light in his sleeve robe, and a dark golden figure emerged, looking very stiff, and it was Zhao Di's golden demon body. Just in case, at this time, Jin Sha Demon Body changed its appearance, and at the same time, his face was covered with a layer of dazzling golden light, which made people unable to see clearly. Refining Virtual Period Demon Body Fen Shen! The old demon blurted out in horror, and his face became extremely ugly in an instant. He had been Zhao to display several powerful means, shocked to have a kind of unreal illusory feeling, but now see the name of the spiritual practice in the early days of refining, unexpectedly sacrificed a cultivation for not under his own magic body Fen Shen, suddenly the brain buzzed with confusion, really can not believe everything in front of him. Volume 8 Kyushu Relics Chapter 650 Cross-level War (Part Two) "This demon body not only has the initial stage of refining, but also emits a faint layer of dark gold light. Obviously, it has made great achievements in refining. I'm afraid it's not under the three Fen Shen!" Emperor machine old demon! After the Jin Sha Demon Body was sacrificed by Zhao Di, it immediately opened its mouth and spewed out a long and thin golden light. Before the golden light evolved into a special form, the Jin Sha Demon Body took it into its hands and turned it into a long golden pike, which was the Sun Destroying Demon Gun. The demon body held a gun in both hands and gave a loud shout. In an instant, his size soared, and a dark golden horn half a foot long was born on his forehead. The magic body has been able to freely control the skills after the advanced refining period. When performing, it can completely cover up the form of the true saint of Jin Kui, including the golden horn. But Zhao to this war, has exposed a lot of magical powers, do not care to expose the origin of the magic body's major skills, not to mention, this golden horn for the mobilization of heaven and earth magic gas, very useful! As soon as the golden horn came out, it immediately gave birth to a strong suction out of thin air. Half of the evil spirit of heaven and earth within a few miles around it was swept away by the virtual shape of the evil spirit, while the other half turned into a black trickle and poured into the golden horn on the top of the golden evil body. The shape of this golden horn seems very familiar, as if the origin is not simple! Emperor machine old demon heart one Rin, while manipulating the Fen Shen to attack the enemy, while casting a magic sacrifice to refine the virtual form of the demon, but also the mind turned sharply to analyze the origin of the Jinsha demon body. In a moment, the body mobilized a lot of heaven and earth magic, and a layer of light golden armor immediately emerged on the surface of the body. The light on the armor was flowing, and there were many dark golden mysterious magic lines,ultrasonic generator driver, which appeared and disappeared on the surface, which was obviously very unusual. The old demon frowned even more. Although he did not recognize the origin, years of practice experience told him that this layer of armor with dark gold magic patterns was not simple. fycgsonic.com