Villain He Is Too Beautiful [Chuanshu] [End + Fanwai] [Four-Star Recommendation Has a Special Love for Chuanshu Revenge

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Villain He Is Too Beautiful [Chuanshu] [End + Fanwai] [Four-Star Recommendation Has a Special Love for Chuanshu Revenge and Slag Fantasy]

"For so many years, the world book has already penetrated into the flesh and blood of the people.". So, there is a fragment of the world book in the palm of the right hand. Qu Chi said, "If you can trust me, give me this thing.". I'm here to vouch for you. When I find the line, the fragment will return to its body, which will also make him believe my words. At that time, he would never sit and watch the four doors fall apart! Guangfu Jun's face changed several times, after all, full of suspicion or lost to the heart of guarding the mountain. He untied a bag of tricks from his waist and handed it to Qu Chi. When Qu Chi's thin fingertips grazed the surface of the bag of tricks, the layers of seals attached to it were scratched with tiny glimmers, shining between his fingers. Seeing that Qu Chi had put away his bag of tricks, Guangfu Jun breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "Qu Chi, let me ask you, how is Danyang Feng going to fight the enemy?"? We agreed beforehand that Fengling was going to defend the mountains and never retreat! "Mr. Guangfu," said Qu Chi gently, "you can only guarantee that you will defend the mountains to the death." The heart of Guangfu Jun's fist clenched with a muffled sound, and he felt greatly offended: ".." What do you mean? Does Danyang Peak intend to follow the example of Ying Tianchuan and surrender to the Demon Way? ".." said Qu Chi. I did intend to do so. A set of porcelain lamps fell to the ground, and the tea splashed on the surface of Qu Chi's feet, just like the present Guangfu Jun. Qu Chi was tepid. Xu Sheng explained,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, "Nowadays, Danyang and Fengling shouldn't be trapped in a dangerous building and fight to the death.". Qinglianggu Iron-blooded, in order to protect the innocence, to fight to the death; Ying Tianchuan Youqing, in order to protect the peace, had to drop. Two of the four gates have gone. In order to retain their strength, I suggest that Danyang Peak and Fengling Mountain open their gates and let all the disciples go, leaving two empty mountains and the nine lamps. It's better to gather here and let the evil way catch them all. "Don't grow other people's ambition!"! I don't believe it. I'll fight him to the death in Fengling Mountain. What advantage can he get? Qu Chi: "I can't get it." Under the angry gaze of Guangfu Jun,sonicator homogenizer, Qu Chi bent down and picked up the pieces of broken porcelain that had fallen to the ground one by one and closed them in the palm of his hand. Guangfu Jun can go to the disciples of the gatekeeper to have a look. Just look at their eyes, you can know how many disciples, like you, really have the heart to sacrifice for the mountain. "They stayed of their own free will." People are willing to be fickle. People's hearts are so strong that they can't be forced. Qu Chi picked up the fragments and put them in the corner of the table. "Guangfu Jun, I have 2365 disciples of Danyang Peak. After seeing the lessons of Qingliang Valley and Ying Tianchuan, I dare say that there are only a hundred people who really have the intention to stay behind.". Qingliang Valley is slightly larger than my Danyang Peak. There are always 150 people. Guangfu Jun's face was as ugly as if he had been stepped on. Qu Chi said: "The Demon Way now wants to go all out, make a quick decision, and win the four doors as soon as possible.". You say, two hundred and fifty people, can be equal to the present sharp-edged, fighting spirit of the army of the devil? Guang Fu Jun gnashes his teeth: "The number of the four doors.." Can't you just do it?! "Never!" Qu Chi has always been gentle eyebrows and eyes gradually glimmer, filled with stone-like will, "these disciples are not not sentimentally attached to the right path, but do not want to die in vain!"! If you lead these disciples to retreat to a safe place with the honor of the emperor, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, you will be able to do it slowly. The light of the four doors is as bright as the sun, and you will never be taken away by the evil way! Guang Fu Jun gazed at the gentle but resolute flame in the young man's eyes, hesitated for a long time, and then asked: ".." So what do you mean when you say you want to fall into the devil's way? “…… Bei Nan and Zhou Xian, someone has to be saved. Someone has to avenge the snow and dust. Qu Chi said lightly, "I'll save you.". I'll report it. Chapter 85 old enemies meet. On the second day of the thirty-fourth day, Fengling Mountain and Danyang Peak closed their formations and opened the gate of the mountain, ordering the disciples not to sacrifice themselves on the mountain, but to let them go or stay. At the first hour, no one would come out. In the third hour, the mountain keeper went six or seven times out of ten. In the tenth hour, nine out of ten of those who guard the mountain go. The situation was better than Qu Chi had expected. When he turned back to Danyang, he counted the roster and found that there were still 147 people in the mountain. Several disciples of higher ranks gathered in the Hall of Peace and Moon, hesitating and silent, with a tragic image of clouds and rain gathering. Holding the scroll in the palm of his hand, Qu Chi's expression was as usual: " 'Anger hurts the liver, and grief overcomes fear.' It is futile and useless to be indignant.". If you want to be healthy, it's okay to be happy. "We all listen to you, Elder Martial Brother Qu," said Lin Haoxin, the second disciple of Mingzhao Jun. "Don't listen to me." Qu Chi tidied up his cuffs in a gentle manner. "It's hard to surrender a prisoner.". I'm not completely sure that he can trust me when he falls into the nine-branch lamp. Disciple Tu Yiping gritted her teeth and said, "If the Demon Way dares to touch Elder Martial Brother, we will fight with him." "Spell what?"? To make the next cool valley? Qu Chi said: "The Demon Way has released the word, the people of the four doors, those who surrender will not be killed or imprisoned." Although this can not be fully believed, but in my opinion, if the evil way does not want to incur the hatred of the world's Taoists, it will treat the captives kindly. In other words, even if the nine-branch lamp suspects me, whether the result is killing or exile, you should not interfere. “…… Senior fellow apprentice Qu Chi raised his hand to appease him: "Without me, Danyang Peak would not waste the rivers, it would still be Danyang Peak.". According to our previous agreement, you will continue to stay in the mountains and take good care of all kinds of artifacts and books left by the former teacher of Danyang. But if you really can't hold on, there's really no need to fight for your life. People are alive, things are dead, remember. When Lin Haoxin heard what Qu Chi had said, he knew that his mind could not be changed any more. He simply stopped trying to persuade him and asked, "Elder Martial Brother, how is Fengling?" Qu Chi covers the volume, and the light in his eyes sinks slightly. Disciples scattered on the surface of the two mountains, but in fact they had made an appointment with the disciples to meet. These disciples were willing to stay and guard after the incident, which meant that they had feelings for the four schools, but out of human nature, they did not want to die in vain. Now that they had a circuitous method, they were happy to follow it. But the disciples are leaderless, and they always need a leader with prestige and seniority to lead them to success. Considering that Guangfu Jun was not in harmony with Jiuzhi Lantern in the past,ultrasonic molten metal, it was really inappropriate to stay. So the two men agreed that Qu Chi would stay and open the door in Danyang to surrender, while yuan Ruzhou would take care of everything in Fengling, and Guangfu Jun would be responsible for leading the disciples of the two mountains to conserve their energy and wait for an opportunity to move.