The Stunning Princess of Crossing

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The Stunning Princess of CrossingThe Stunning Princess of CrossingThe Stunning Princess of CrossingThe Stunning Princess of Crossing

With his usual smile, Zhu Han took the Jasper wine bottle and stood up, facing Yan Wei and the others. He opened his mouth indifferently and said, "This cup, Han respects Ning'er, Yan Di, Yun Di and Han Xiong. If Ning'er hadn't sacrificed his life for the pearl and all the people had sacrificed their lives to protect each other, Han would have died.". Please Zhu Han said that he raised his neck to cover his robe and did it first for respect. Ruan Hongqiao and Yan Li looked at each other and stood up. Yun Ze and Han Hanxiao also stood in awe and drank the wine in one gulp. And the maidservant wisely poured out the wine for the people. Zhu Han picked up the wine bottle again and said to Yan Li and the others, "This cup, Han, represents the whole of Great Chu. I respect all the swordsmen of Great Yan. Without your desperate help, Great Chu would be in danger.". Please Then he raised his neck to cover his robe and drank it down. All the Yan Wei stood up in unison, picked up the wine bottle, and drank it all in one gulp. This one, they drank calmly. While waiting for the maidservants to serve the wine, Zhu Han picked up the wine bottle again and said to King Li, "This is a cup for the emperor's nephew, Uncle Wang, and all the guards in your house. Without you, there would be no Han today.". Please This "Wang Shu", Li Wang has been waiting for almost ten years, in the eyes,24v Gear Motor, inexplicably some moist. He took the wine bottle and stood up shakily. The nectar in the cup almost spilled on his robe. Qingluan Qingming knew his master's mood, so he stood up and called softly with joy, "Sir.." King Li looked at the two of them, then looked at Ruan Hongqiao and Yan Li, as if he did not believe it was true. Ruan Hongqiao and Yan Li nodded to him with a faint smile. Uncle Wang. Zhu Han's eyes were also full of steam. Na Na opened her mouth and said, "Now that I think about it, what happened before was that the emperor's nephew was too stubborn and too addicted to the death of his mother and concubine.". It's the emperor's nephew who is sorry for Uncle Wang. In the future, I hope Uncle Wang will help Han a lot and take good care of Dachu. "Oh,Micro Gear Motor, no, Your Majesty, I will do my best!" "King Li said, raising his neck and drinking up the wine." Uncle Wang, the emperor's nephew still likes to hear you call me a son. The uncle and nephew looked at each other with a smile, and all the right and wrong were gone at this moment. This is a good thing for King Li and Zhu Han. Ruan Hongqiao was happy for them from the bottom of her heart. Pushing a cup for a change, everyone drank and talked happily. Yan Wei people are not allowed to drink like this on weekdays, today is a special case, how many have drunk a few cups. Yunze's Han Xiao two people imitate if the wine meets the bosom friend thousand cups less, unexpectedly drinks very happily. Aversion to cold! "The nectar in the palace is good, but you don't have to drink it like this, do you?" Said Ruan Hongqiao! It's better to drink only two cups. When the wine was drunk, I don't know who in Yan Wei suddenly wanted to listen to Ruan Hongqiao playing the lute. Zhu Han and Li Wang looked at Ruan Hongqiao at the same time and were amazed. They didn't expect that the girl who played with a knife and a gun could still play the lute. Ruan Hongqiao was calm and relaxed, and nodded to Zhu Han and King Li. The two of them wanted to see the girl's ability to play the lute, but Zhu Han readily agreed and immediately ordered the attendant to go to fetch the lute. And someone's face is not so good. Since entering the hall, Gear Reduction Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, Zhu Han's eyes have not been able to move away from Ruan Hongqiao's face, he has been suffocating enough, and now his own boy actually wants Ning Er to play the piano in front of them, naturally he is very angry. Yan Li stared bitterly at the place where the sound came from, looking like a wait-and-see. But the opposite group of guys did not give him face, after glancing at him, they drank by themselves. Hum, that group of boys is intentional, and so on back to the original, see how I deal with you! How could Zhu Han not see that Yan Li's face was full of shriveled? Yan Li, how lucky you are? You already have Ning's heart, don't you? I was just trying to tease you. Zhu Han looked at Ruan Hongqiao and then Yan Li, and said in his heart, Yan Li, I, Zhu Han, won't rob Ning with you, because I can see that she is really happy with you. But you should also take care of yourself. I don't want to see her worry and feel sad for you again. However, if you fail her in the future, it will be another matter. If there is such a day, I, Zhu Han, will give up everything and take her away. Ning son, please allow me to stand behind you, silently watching you, watching you happy, I am satisfied! After a while, the waiter brought the harp up and carefully put it on the platform. Ruan Hongqiao handed Yan Li a relieved smile, shook his hand at the bottom of the table, and went to Qintai with a faint smile. Lantern Festival Banquet (Part Two) Ruan Hongqiao slowly sat down on the cushion. As soon as her eyes fell on the instrument, she saw that it was thick and broad as a whole, with a flat head and a round tail. The surface of the instrument was mainly black lacquer. The body of the instrument was carved with a complicated picture of peony wealth and honor, outlined with red lacquer, and the petals were pinched with gold wires. Just looking at it, she knew that it was a good famous instrument. Bending over to take a closer look, he was startled to see the word "Tianque" on the head of the harp, which was engraved faintly in official script with broad beans laughing loudly. "Tianque is also in the capital of Chu!" He called out softly. "Does Ning know this harp?" Zhu Han asked softly. Don't know! I just heard about it. Ruan Hongqiao said honestly, "I only know that among the three famous lutes in the world, 'Tianque' is the most famous, 'Baishuang' is the second, and 'Fengyin' is the third. These three lutes are all rare ancient famous lutes." "It is said that when ordinary people play these three instruments, they are just an ordinary instrument; if they are supplemented by strong internal forces, they are a weapon to kill people, and the Tianque is the most important one.". I think their ranking must be based on their profits. Zhu Han added. Is that so? Have a chance to try. As Ruan Hongqiao spoke, she gently stroked the strings with her slender hand and gently plucked them with her right hand. The wonderful sound of the harp was already ethereal and lingering in the whole hall. Everyone felt full of energy and calmed down. It's really a good piano! Ruan Hongqiao smiled. Everyone thought she was going to start playing, and they all sat up straight and waited for the following, but she suddenly came out with such a sentence like the last time, all of them felt that she had been teased once. Ha ha, don't worry,Brushless Gear Motor, listen to the piano music to relax and listen, in order to hear the artistic conception. Say that finish, just began to really touch up.