Drunk pillow rivers and mountains

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Drunk pillow rivers and mountainsDrunk pillow rivers and mountains

Besides, this Zong Zhengqing Wu Chengsi, at this time is fighting with Liang Wang Wu Sansi! www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Chapter 437 offer the beauty. Yang Fan ignored Wu Chengsi said hello in advance, in Wu Chengsi's view, this is Yang Fan made it clear to stand on the side of Wu Sansi a move, only so, he also want to return to the interests, not to mention his general Pan Ziwen therefore fall, Wu Chengsi is hate Yang Fan. However, Wu Chengsi was not stupid enough to immediately return the favor to Yang Fan. Yang Fan was in the limelight after the case, and it was obvious that the emperor was also sheltering him. At this time, the counterattack was not worth the loss. Wu Chengsi had to suppress his anger and temporarily put Yang Fan aside to continue to arrange his plan of inviting favor. As early as when Prince Li Dan fell out of favor, he and Zhang Jiafu, the founder of Fengge, began to plan this plan. It was not easy for him to ask Wu Zetian for favor. The empress was already rich in the world. What else could move the heart of the empress? Wu Chengsi thought about it and felt that he could only start from the "name". At the beginning, in order to create a momentum for Wu Zetian to ascend the throne, Wu Chengsi once forged a piece of "auspicious stone", engraved on it with the eight characters "Mother of God, Yongchang Emperor", threw it into the Luoshui River first,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and then asked people to salvage it for Wu Zetian. Wu Zetian was so overjoyed that she made the Luo River a sacred water, forbade fishing, and gave herself the title of "Holy Mother of God". This is Wu Chengsi's first attempt to make a big fuss about "fame", and he has gained a lot of benefits. Wu Chengsi and Wu Sansi stood out among Wu's many sons and nephews and became the most powerful candidates for the crown prince, precisely because in the process of Wu Zetian's accession to the throne, these two people contributed the most. Now, in order to seize the crown prince,12v High Torque Motor, Wu Chengsi repeated the same trick. In the season when the sweet-scented osmanthus was in full bloom and the city was full of fragrance, he held a petition signed by five thousand people in Luoyang and respectfully asked the emperor to add the title of "Golden Wheel". Since Wu Zetian ascended the throne, she has changed from the Holy God Emperor to the Holy God Emperor. Now Wu Chengsi respectfully asked the emperor to add the word "golden wheel" in front of the four words "Holy Emperor". Wu Zetian readily accepted it, so she gave herself the title of "Emperor of the Golden Wheel Holy Spirit!" Wu Sansi did not dare to neglect, after the prince fell out of favor, he set the strategy is solid favor, this matter he has been in preparation, see Wu Chengsi grabbed the first, Wu Sansi immediately hurry to arrange. Soon, the chieftains of the four barbarians, whom he had already begun to contact, arrived in the capital, including Ashina Hussero, the Western Turk who had succeeded him. Wu Sansi led the chieftains of the four barbarians to appear before the emperor in a big way and asked the emperor to allow them to build a huge pillar made of copper and iron outside the Duanmen Gate, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Small Geared Motors, called "Tianshu", in order to praise the great achievements of the female emperor. Wu Zetian had always craved for greatness and success, so she naturally promised and handed the matter over to Wu Sansi. As soon as Wu Chengsi saw that Wu Sansilao had more benefits than himself, he was not willing to give up. He immediately gathered thousands of people from Luoyang and went to Zetian Gate to petition again, asking the emperor to add the word "Yuegu" to the title of "Golden Wheel Holy Emperor" and call it "Yuegu Golden Wheel Holy Emperor!" Zunhao this thing, that is the more the better, Wu Zetian Longyan great joy, once again accept good advice. Seeing this, Wu Sansi consulted with his five dogs and again asked the emperor for permission to build the Sanyang Palace on Mount Song and the Xingtai Palace on Mount Longevity Hill for the use of the empress during her tour. Wu Zetian nodded and agreed, and the two projects were also handed over to Wu Sansi. The battle between Yang Fan and Chen Dong for power and profit in the Ministry of Punishment was limited to the infighting between them. Three people want to compete, but also just use the case to make an issue, Wu Chengsi and Wu Sansi this level of battle is different, this compartment a wave of his hand, the emperor's title changed, over there a stamp, a magnificent building will rise from the ground, that is the great magical power. Wu Chengsi gave the emperor two titles, while Wu Sansi won three major projects. It was easier for the emperor to hold a ceremony and add a title to himself, but the pillars and palaces were not. It was a long and costly project. Wu Zetian has always liked the feeling of tall and gorgeous architecture, and she built "Mingtang", "Paradise" and "Lushena Buddha", all of which reflect her preference. Wu Sansi wanted to build giant pillars and palaces, of course, to cater to Wu Zetian's preferences. According to his design, this bronze pillar named "Tianshu", with a diameter of 10 feet and a height of 105 feet, was carved with a dragon and a unicorn, and then an article eulogizing the merits of the emperors was engraved on it, with the names of civil and military officials and the emperors of the four directions. Such a copper column consumes too much copper and iron. Wu Sansi used both the carrot and the stick from the chieftain of the four barbarians and the merchant tycoon of Hu to get donations as high as billions of yuan, but so much money could not buy enough copper and iron, and the production of copper and iron could not be supplied. Wu Sansi had no choice but to start forcibly plundering among the people, requisitioning the farmers' farm tools and utensils free of charge, so that many people could no longer see any copper and iron utensils except an iron pot. As for the construction of Sanyang Palace and Xingtai Palace, a large number of civilian workers had to be recruited for civilian service, and the consumption was naturally incalculable, so that the people sighed and their grievances boiled. However, these things could not be heard by Wu Zetian, and no one dared to take the risk of offending Wu Sansi or even the empress to impeach the matter. Seeing Wu Sansigan in full swing, Wu Chengsi could not sit still. After his title was offered, there was nothing for him, but what Wu Sansi did was not something that could be done in a year and a half. The queen saw it every day. Would she feel that Wu Sansi was more filial than him? Wu Chengsi thought about it and came up with another idea. He decided to try his best to help Wu Zetian do what she had wanted to do but failed to do, so as to invite Wu Zetian. This was to invite Zen Master Huineng or Zen Master Shenxiu to the capital and live here for a long time. Although Wu Zetian has a strong and domineering character, she is not without awe. She believes in reincarnation and Buddhism. When she ascended the throne, she had strongly invited Huineng,Low Rpm Electric Motor, the Sixth Patriarch, to attend her enthronement ceremony. Huineng Zen Master did not come. Although his brother Shenxiu Zen Master came, he declined Wu Zetian's detainment after the ceremony and returned to the Yuquan Temple in Dangyang. ichgearmotor.com