Hokage Doujin-Aotaki

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Hokage Doujin-AotakiHokage Doujin-AotakiHokage Doujin-AotakiHokage Doujin-Aotaki

Was pondering, but heard the voice of Orochimaru sounded: "Teacher, let me give you a ride!" " Then there was a clanging and clanging of weapons, and the panting of the three generations went straight into the ears of the same color in the darkness. Unexpectedly, already tired like this. The third generation seemed to put the Ruyi stick on the ground and let out a muffled sound. His old voice said: "At the beginning, my idea was too naive. In that era of war, you were a brilliant genius, because you were a genius born in decades.." He tried to keep his voice calm. "So I hope you can inherit my strength and will." I used to think so. "Ha ha ha." Orochimaru laughed sharply and said, "Well, what do you want to say, teacher?" The third generation seemed to be silent, and suddenly no sound could be heard in the darkness. Even his violent panting could not be heard. Then he heard a sigh, which was a kind of helplessness from the bottom of his heart. The third generation said: "I am too naive.." "Well, you are really naive!" He snorted coldly, and he heard another clash of weapons, and the sparks scattered in the sticky darkness were swallowed up before they had time to light up. "Wow!" There was a dull hum, and then I smelled the smell of blood in the air. "You're old.." Orochimaru said proudly. Ha ha, as expected or the first generation of Hokage adults are more powerful, I remember you used to worship him most, then. Let him give you a ride. The three generations vomited blood in big gulps, and the blood dripped on the roof tiles and made a ticking sound. His breathing and blood spread to the corner of the boundary. The pace of the first generation is very light, almost silent,x70 line pipe, which is the symbol of the soul of the underworld. Although nothing could be seen in the darkness, from the subtle sound, the same color could vaguely guess what had happened. The first generation took the grass pheasant sword from Orochimaru's hand, and the tip of the sword dragged on the ground with a squeak, sharp and harsh. The three generations made the rubbing sound of Sisyphus. He probably looked up, trying to see the face of the first generation clearly. The sound of the sword dragging the ground was getting closer and closer, more and more harsh. Orochimaru kept laughing, shaking in the boundary, taking advantage of the darkness,uns s32750 sheet, cold and frightening. Suddenly, the sharp sound of the sword point dragging the ground disappeared, the footsteps disappeared, and the laughter of Orochimaru disappeared. The sword broke through the air and made an arc of the sword, with the sound of the air. Look, is it interesting to play three against one? A voice suddenly rang in the darkness, which belonged to the unique voice of a teenager, lazy and crisp, with his lazy tone of casual speaking, the voice was as light as a whisper, but clearly heard by the people in the boundary. Why, do you want to take part in one foot and one color? It is the same color that speaks. Just listen to a cold hum, the boundary came a snap, the sound is very loud. Orochimaru, however, uns s31803 sheet ,316 stainless steel plate, was stunned in the dark, and then smiled again: "He deserves to be the one he chose." Bang, something fell heavily on the ground, several people have not had time to distinguish, but a deafening rumble, only feel the smoke and dust enveloped, but do not know what happened. Pow! Suddenly there was a little light in the darkness, in midair. In the whole sticky dark boundary, there was only a little bit of light. Then, in the light, I saw a young man, a young man with blue clothes and brown hair. The light of the fire reflected his face in the eyes of all people. There was a vague smile on the young man's comely face, which seemed to be pondering and lazy. People unconsciously looked at him. The light of the fire expanded little by little in his hands, gradually illuminating his whole body. The young man with brown hair in blue clothes still had the black cat lying on his shoulder. In this darkness, the black cat seemed to have a purer black than the darkness, and his eyes were shining with strange colors. The light of the fire enveloped his whole body, making his body seem to be covered with a layer of golden light. But seeing his hand holding the light up, he threw the ball of light into the air. Boom! Another sound, the fireball broke in the loud sound, scattered into countless small balls of light, with a thin firefly slowly falling from behind the teenager. With a light smile on his face, the boy stood slowly in midair, his hands around his chest, looking down at Orochimaru, his eyes reflecting the scattered light with flowing brilliance. This scene became Orochimaru's persistence from then on. I'm not interested yet, but it's more than enough to destroy you. First of all, it's better to ask the first generation and the second generation to rest in peace, don't you think? Destroy me? That's a beautiful thing to say. "I'm not trying to persuade you to be obedient. I'm sorry. I have something to do and I'm in a hurry, so I can't play with you." Only then did Orochimaru see that it was the strange vine that had just sucked Chakra that had fallen behind him. The deep roots of the vine had been uprooted, and the earth wall formed by the'earth array wall 'had fallen to the ground together, and the green juice had dripped all over the ground. So it was just intentional to be entangled just now. One color, you are like this, so let me want to get you. At this time, the ape demon changed back to his real body, picked up the three generations, looked at the same color in the air, and said, "This child.." I'm afraid it's not simple. Three generations also looked at the same color, silently, hey, everything is good fortune. http:// Chapter 41 of the main text Orochimaru listened to the words of the same color and began to laugh, "the same color, talking to you is really fun ah, come to my side quickly.." "I won't say that for the third time. I'm sorry. I'm not interested. If you want to find it, go to Sasuke. I don't have time to play with you." He looked impatient and smiled again. He smiled very badly and said, "But if you want to play, it's not impossible.. Then you have to play according to my script. I'm afraid you can't afford to toss your old bones. Orochimaru found that he liked the tone of one color very much, and even had a feeling that he could not get his heart itching, which was so wonderful! Yours? That depends on how to play the same color. "However, I am not happy to see you look so ugly,uns s32760 plate, and I feel uncomfortable when I see you. Hum, I think it's better to destroy you as soon as possible, so as not to be an eyesore." 。 lksteelpipe.com